About Us

Softz For PC At A Glance

SoftzForPC.com was created in the year of 2018 to help users for earning knowledge about various information for Software, Technology, and PC tips n tricks. We help peoples with various resources and valuable information. Our aim to provide quality guidance to the new computer user like Windows user and Mac User also, for Android Users. We try to cover every platform of technology. But especially software and PC tips n tricks.

Our Story

story of softz for pc

During the eve of 2019, I wished to create a site like this. In which the technical assistance will be discussed. Difficult topics will be easily explained to the users through various guides and helpful discussions.

Speaking of technology, we specifically wanted to discuss software technology. Such as software for Windows, Software for Mac, etc.

When I was a newbie on the internet, blogging and software field I was suffering the lake of proper information about software technology. Basically, software downloading system.

As a result, I was promised for creating a website where is mainly help the people by sharing software download option. And teaching them how to install and properly using the various necessary application on all the computer OS and Smartphone OS.

That effort is the SoftzForPC today!

Our Mission

Mission of Softz for pc

  • Helping user to free download the free software
  • Support the new use on the internet who don’t know how to download various software free from the Internet.
  • Sharing guide and installation method of the necessary software for free!
  • Explaining A to Z about essential software like PDF software, Word Processing, Gaming, Graphics Designing, Photo Editing, Video Editing, VPN, Social Network application, Text and Messaging, etc which is necessary for your daily life.
  • In a sentence, “Everything about Software, Technology, Computer, Windows, Macintosh, Apple, iOS, iPhone, Android, APK, etc all kinds of discussion and guide for every tech knowledge seeker”

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