AirDrop for PC Windows & Alternatives – Free Download

We now live in a world where technology controls our everyday basic life routines. Everything we do now has technology at the roots of it. We now rely on the Internet so significantly that our lives became so work-free, from washing to cooking to transportation, everything is possessed by the everlasting technology. One of the most innovative inventions nowadays is the AirDrop for PC windows. You can also read a guide about iMessage For Windows.

It is a sharing service for Apple iOS and macOS operating software that allows the users to transfer anything from, photos to documents and files over Wi-Fi or using Bluetooth. This cuts the old traditional ways of using emails. Any system with an AirDrop can transfer and receive files for example between a Mac laptop and an Apple iPhone.

Download AirDrop for PC and Alternatives

With all of its amazing features, non-Apple users definitely would be jealous of those who have iOS and macOS products. Fortunately, due to our modern technology, it is now possible to download alternatives to the file sharing service on any windows operating a computer.

#1 TunesGo

TunesGo, the smart AirDrop look-alike app allows you to share pretty much everything from music and photos to documents to any iPhone or iOS operating device. It also permits you to copy your entire music library to the iTunes Store. Firstly, click on this link to download and install the program and launch it. Everything is so simple from now on, if you want to export any music files you must first choose the music folder you want to copy then click on media then music and you’ll find the option to transfer it to your computer or iTunes. Users’ reviews and ratings are so mind-blowing and everyone is truly mesmerized by this app.

#2 Zapya

Another highly rated windows compatible app is Zapya. Zapya claims the title of the fastest transfer tool in the world. Just like SHAREit, Zapya transfers all the data wirelessly to speeds that could go up to 10mbps. In addition, the app is completely free and easy to install simply by clicking this link and moreover, you can connect all your devices with ease. Must Read: PKPASS – The Ultimate Guide For iPhone & Android

#3 Xender

One of the best third-party apps available on Windows 10 is Xender. According to their beliefs, they say that it’s much easier to use than AirDrop. And, users see to support this allegation. Download it from this link as it’s free of charge.

Like the AirDrop for PC, there are many available free file sharing software online that is compatible with Apple devices. And can transfer any data between iOS. No Apple operating software so you may need to think twice before spending all your money on getting an Apple smartphone.

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