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Nowadays we use our cell phones so often that the alarm clock has been dispensed. But what if your cell phone breaks down? No problem: you can use an alarm clock that works from the browser or download one to the PC. The best alarm clock for PC is Cool Timer. It can be used in three different modes: countdown, alarm clock or stopwatch. Must see our PC software section to get such kinds of software for PC.

Free Download Alarm clock for pc

The download option from the is not hard like other software sharing website. We share our resources and free software on the ad-free file sharing media. Now you can download it in one click from the link below.

User Guide for Alarm Clock Software

  • At first download the Cool Timer in your PC from the link above;
  • Open the start menu;
  • EnterĀ  Alarms and Clock;
  • Change the software mode to Alarm Clock;
    Set An Alarm on PC
  • Click the (+) button in the application footer;
  • Choose the alarm time, frequency, sound and whether it will have a snooze;
  • Press the Save button, represented by the floppy disk icon;
  • Ready! The alarm is saved. As Windows notifies you, “notifications will only be shown if the computer is active.”

No doubt that this is the easiest function to run since we only have to press the button in the middle part of the circle and that it has an icon very similar to reproduction.

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Practically there is nothing else to do with this function, being able to appreciate that the time begins to run once that button has been pressed.

In countdown mode

The program acts as a timer. It has a unique feature and is the option of “visualization” which is responsible for visual representation of the time elapsed either “erasing” gradually or generating an image in a radial sweep pattern. It synchronizes with the time that is being decreased.


This Alarm clock for pc can display a text message in a style of the LED light panel. The remaining time is specified to remember the action that we are executing. In the alarm clock mode, we can set a specific time of the day or day (s) of the week. When it goes off, we can click on the repeat button to automatically reset the alarm and to turn it off. Finally, before out of here- must try the most downloaded software in this site. It is CM Security for PC – the best Antivirus for your PC!

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