Android Device Manager for PC Windows Mac Free Download Now!

Android Device Manager for PC Download Now

Android device manager for PC is the most significant application nowadays. The best software for lost protection of your Android device. Now it is usable on your Windows computer or MacBook. Even you can use it without download and install any software application!! Here is the A to Z guide to clearing the facts about Android Device Management.

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Android Device Manager for Windows PC and Apple MacBook

Need to track your loosed Android device like Phone and Pad from your desktop or laptop? So you can carefully follow this guide to get a lot of information like Last Seen, Play Sound, Secure device ( by recovery message and phone number, but it is optional), erase device etc wonderful features.

Do you know that- you don’t need to download any software? Just click on the link below. And logging in on with the same Gmail and Password, Which logged in on your device.

Instructions for perfectly using Find My Phone software

After clicking on the link above, you need to input your google account credentials for directly start using it from your PC. So, please ensure that you are now logged-in on the Android device manager-Find my phone server.

Interface 1: Find On the Google Map

Find On the Google Map

On the right side of the webpage, you will find your device place. But it requires data and device location enabling. Also, you can get a notification on the official website of Android Device Management if any time data or GPS enabled on the device. Finally, it will show the last position the phone (where to found as last seen).

Interface 2: Playing Sound

playing sound on Android losses device

If you click on the “Play Sound” button. It will try to make a connection between your computer (browser-based web application) and a stolen phone. If the data starting on the targeted phone, the ringer of your stolen phone will ring loudly.


Here are two fields to input some sensitive information. Such as recovery message and phone number. you can avoid them. Because both are optional. But advanced users are using it.


Best way to deleting all data from the device. Like images, video, audio, text, and DOCs everything. It is able to clear every file from your stolen Android device. Even it can clear browser logging information like password and username, cache n cookies, browsing sessions etc all.

Thinking the above guide can help you to find your phone with the Android device manager web application. If you need to download the related software as an alternative to web software, I will publish them even! just share your thoughts and needs.

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