Best Android Manager For PC To Control Android

Nowadays, the most normal thing is to always have our smartphone with us. It is a key piece of communication and productivity today in our current reality. To keep and see files in PC, we have to rely on services such as Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive. It is also uncomfortable the need to have to unlock the phone and leave the computer every time we receive a notification. All this is solved by Pushbullet android manager for PC.

Android manager for PC: PushBullet

It shows all notifications of the mobile directly on the computer screen. It also allows you to send notifications to your contacts or friends and one. With PushBullet you can send links, files, lists, notes and much more to the notification bar of your mobile, your computer or any contact in a quick and easy way.

It offers synchronization between computer and mobile and vice versa to allow sending files and other content directly to the notification bar. With it, you will proceed to download by just touching the notification and avoid searching for something between the endless emails or directories of the cloud.

Transfer files

In Android, given the availability from the first days of the share menu, we can send files and links from any point in the system. If we have friends who are Pushbullet users, we can also push them. This last one seems to be a great solution to send photos at full size. As a result, it is faster than email and compared to the default methods of WhatsApp. The photos are sent without compression which is essential.

Final thought,

The android manager for PC allows using the computer keyboard as input for the phone. It allows handling calls (dial, accept or reject) from the Windows and Mac. PushBullet is available for download for free in the Google Play store and apple app store.

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