App store for PC, Guide to Properly Using The Windows Store

Microsoft released the App Store in Windows 8 and Apple has its app store in Mac PC. They were integrated into the OS for PC. Their main purpose was to provide apps to Windows Phone and Surface tablets. Here we will discuss the app store for PC. You should also, must try the Google Play Store for PC.

From the PC user, the applications offered were simple and not very useful. Also, the number was much more limited than in other digital stores of the competition.

How to configure App store for pc

To use the Windows 10 Windows Store, even if you only download free content, you need an accredited account with Microsoft. You can use the same one you use to access Windows 10 or any other, but you must register it.

  • To access the Windows Store, press the Start button and locate the Store icon. Once the application is launched, tap the person icon in the upper right to register an account:
  • It is possible that you already have a registered one (the one you use in Windows). In that case, the program will notify you.
  • Click on Login and choose an account you have already used in Windows, or tap Microsoft Account to create a new one:
  • You can add all you want (if several people use the computer) and change from one to another when you want.
  • When entering the email and password of the account, the profile menu will change. You will have access to all the options of the Windows Store.

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Set up the Windows Store

The active account opens access to all content. We will start by configuring the store to adapt it to your needs. From the Profile menu choose Settings.

Mark Update applications automatically so that the apps that you have installed are updated alone when there is an update.


Choose to simplify the shopping experience so you can buy apps without entering the password. If you spend a few minutes browsing the app store for PC, you will see that it has improved a lot, concerning Windows 8.

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