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AtHome Video Streamer app works as a camera and video streamer application. This video streamer application used for the security camera monitoring system. AtHome video streamer for pc is very important to look up your house, office, and other places for security reasons. Now a day’s security is an essential issue, so almost everywhere people use CCTV cameras. On the other hand, it’s also crucial to watch live steam or monitoring theses camera. Thus, a video streamer software is essential equipment to use.

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AtHome Video Streamer App

One of the best video streamer software is AtHome. You can easily use AtHome video streamer for PC because it has an EXE file. In online, there has so many video streamer software, but most of these are the mobile version. So, there needs an emulator to use in pc that is a complicated way. To use AtHome video streamer, no need for an emulator to use in pc. It is free to download and use for PC.

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How to use at home

The use of that camera software is so easy. Almost everyone can use this software without facing any significant problem.

  • At first, download the software and create an account.
  • Need another device to view the video or capture it.
  • Thirdly, have to scan the QR code of the camera to connect.
  • Finally, it ready to run on the user’s devices.

The IP camera support all kind of device like Android, IOS, PC, and Windows. It takes less than 5 minutes to connect with devices.

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  • That is free to use and not need any additional hardware.
  • It easy to add a new camera with the AtHome account.
  • It has automatic alerts and motion detection facilities.


  • The time of recording is limited that not allow twice a day.

Best Features of AtHome

Live streaming software has a lot of essential features. Below, some of the features that make it very reliable software.

  1. This application has an Advanced and high-quality alarms option that is making by deep learning and AI technology.
  2. Face recognition capability.
  3. The app can stream video from anywhere.
  4. High-quality night vision mode.
  5. The speaker and built-mic capacity that why you can talk with another.
  6. It supports up to 4 cameras at a time.
  7. There was an option to run this application with background mode.
  8. It has a highly secure cloud service. So, there is no option to lose your video.
  9. The time-lapse option helps to summarize a whole day video.
  10. Pan and tile options allow to control IP camera up, down, right and left.
  11. The live streaming software supports all types of devices like PC, Android, iPhone, smart TV, etc.
  12. High 1280×720 resolution supported.

 Final word

The AtHome video streaming for pc is an excellent application. That is an easy and free way to monitor your security camera. That video streaming software has so many great features that help the user a lot. It provides quality performance.

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