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Autodesk AutoCAD 360 app the latest mobile application of AutoCAD. Take AutoCAD’s with you wherever you go! AutoCAD 360 is a free DWG software framework with easy-to-use drawing and drafting resources for displaying, designing, editing, and sharing of AutoCAD drawings through web and mobile phones–wherever, anywhere.

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Take the power of AutoCAD wherever! The mobile app from AutoCAD 360 provides a variety of features and capabilities. Download and access 2D DWG sketches remotely from your inbox or remote storage to show all facets of the DWG folder, including existing links, layers and underlays. To allow editing and drawing software, upgrade to AutoCAD 360 Pro. Whether online or offline, in the workplace or the sector, every detail is planned everywhere.

Whether you want a DWG folder to be drawn up, displayed or labeled, AutoCAD 360 has the right plan for you.


  • Free Premium Preview for new users with no commitment whatsoever
    • Download and display DWG documents
    • Measure accurately while on site
    • Display the location of a drawing
    • Using multi-touch zoom and tilt to access big drawing quickly
    • Function offline and sync the changes back online
    • Online cloud storage accessibility – Display sketches from Google Drive, Icloud, OneDrive, and more.
    • Use GPS to orient yourself in a drawing
    • Improve communication by adding comments and pictures and inviting responses using the Design Feed
    • Share designs with others directly from mobile phones
    • Plot designs to PDF or DWF and shares them via email
    • Use the free web app to access web browser drawings easily.

AutoCAD 360 Pro subscription advantages

  • Creation of a new drawing.
    • Larger folder support and higher storage space.
    • All software for drawing and editing, including advanced tools including arc, offset and more!
    • Using image snap and latest keypad feature to draw and modify shapes correctly (keypad accessible only on iPad).
    • Choose objects, shift them, rotate them and scale them.
    • Publishing features from remote cloud storage documents are also available directly.
    • Add and edit text annotations directly to your drawing; paper mark-ups are not required.
  • Advanced resources for annotation, including database, tag, arrow, and more!
    • Sophisticated handling of surfaces.
    • Properties for viewing and editing objects.
    • Block palette that contains all the existing drawing blocks to allow the user to insert blocks.
    • Supplemental methods for designing and co-ordinate display.
    • Personal assistance via priority email platform for customers.

How to download & use AutoCAD 360 on PC & Mac

Ever wondered how to install and use AutoCAD 360 on a computer or laptop? The solution is to use emulating Android software like BlueStacks.

  1. Download and update the PC Android Emulator. Tap to download the “Download Emulator.”
  2. Run the Desktop or laptop Android Emulator.
  3. Open the Android PC Emulator to import the AutoCAD 36APK file from the PC to the Android Emulator.
  4. Install AutoCAD 36APK APPS for Windows. Run AutoCAD 36APK on the device.

Download Emulator


Using AutoCAD software design and shape the world around you. Creating detailed 2D sketches and 3D prototypes, collaborating using project and application layouts, and gaining greater flexibility with modern AutoCAD web and mobile devices.

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