3 Best iPhone Emulator that will Run iOS Apps on PC (Mac/Windows)

Like Android Emulators which run on PC, there are several iOS emulators that help users to run iPhone apps on PC. In this article, you will share the 3 best Emulators in this year for your iOS platform.

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If you don’t know about Emulator, then you are wondering about it. An Emulators is an application that enables to run smartphones apps on PC for Windows and iOS Operating systems. Between these two platforms, the iOS is for iPhone and more specifically sometimes we need some of these iPhone apps on our Mac. To run that application without having any interruption, we require Emulator, which is called iOS Emulators.

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3 Best iOS Emulators

So let’s not stick to the introduction and let you know about. We know you have seen a lot of reviews like 10 to even 20 and now you are confused which one would be the best? So we narrow down the list for you.

3 Best iPhone Emulator that will Run iOS Apps on PC Mac Windows 10

#1 iPadian

Do you want to experience the better UI on your PC using the emulator? In that case, we will recommend you to use the iPadian emulator. The nitty-gritty UI is similar to the iOS UI so as an iOS UI lover, you must want to keep this.

When you use iPadian, you may only run apps which are designed especially for the iPadian simulator. Keep in mind that you can not get access to the official App store.

Main Features

User-friendly UI for iOS platform

It requires low resources

It offers to play a big number of iOS apps and games.

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#2 Smartface

The first iPhone emulator on our list is Smartface iOS emulator. Developers test their application using this emulator as it can outperform different resolutions for a number of iPads and iPhones.

On the other hand, it reduces the frequency of number times you are using Mac OS in order to develop and test iOS apps. Smartface is convenient for professional users because it cost-effective and starts from $99.

Main Features

Best emulator for testing the cross-platform of iOS apps

Great features that are packed for iPhone

You can use it as iOS and Android debugger

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#3 Air iPhone

The number 3 on our list is Air iPhone for its impressive user experience, which offers UI resembles iOS 6. Most of the users of this emulator use it for playing games and using the apps.

More broadly, you can have the Adobe AIR framework officially along with this emulator. We have seen many developers who use it to test the layout before compiling their developed application.

Notably, AIR iPhone emulators don’t offer a few of the main applications of Safari and the App store

Main Features

It has Simple and intuitive UI.

Reproduces the iPhone’s GUI.

It offers a Hassle-free installation.

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Here we brought the three best emulator reviews that run iPhone apps on PC. We know there is a lot of emulators out there and you are a bit of confused which one would be the best for you. For that reason, we’ve narrow down the list and include the 3 out of it. Hope, you can use it and get the best user experience as all of it provides so.