Bluetooth For PC Windows 10 – The Ultimate Guide

Properly working Bluetooth is essential for transferring files and information between different devices, and it is suggested that BluetoothDriver Installer for Windows 10 be enabled on the PC for this reason. With Bluetooth drivers, it is easy to send and receive data files from desktops and laptops to mobile devices and digital cameras.

The computer allows mouse, microphone, keyboard connection if the Bluetooth remains on built-in condition. Laptop, Tab don’t require to set-up the option. But in personal computing, it is mandatory to have Bluetooth settings. Sometimes an extra device needs to a plugin for connection. Have a glance at how to set-up Bluetooth for PC Windows 10. With full instruction, you can make a connection to Bluetooth devices.

Windows 10 Bluetooth Driver Download For PC

Windows 10 Bluetooth Driver Download For PC

Most PCs these days come with pre-installed Bluetooth capability. However, problems can occur where computers fail to recognize devices and interfere with communications due to hardware failure or some other cause for Bluetooth. It is wise to have at your fingertips a performance recovery tool that helps patch Bluetooth adapters quickly and restore data sharing.

Bluetooth driver spares us the inconvenience of linking USB and external hard drives for file transfers, and you can share images, pictures, documents, and audio clips to and from mobile phones and desktops/laptops. Although Wi-Fi can do the same for connecting many devices being within the range of internet connection is the pre-requisite condition. Bluetooth has not burdened us with constant internet contact at all times to function with file sharing.

How To Install Driver Intel Wireless Bluetooth Driver on Windows 10

Bluetooth For PC Windows

There are quite a considerable number of things we can do to get this software working on our Windows operating system.

Method 1: Installing Driver App Manually

Please note: only from reputable distributors and distribution websites

to download and install programs.

Next, using Chrome or any other software to access my favorite web browser.

Download Now (exe)

  1. Download the configuration folder of the Intel Wireless Bluetooth Driver from the trustworthy connection above section.
  2. To install the application, pick Save, or Import. Upon installation, most antivirus software such as Windows Defender can search the virus code.
  3. When you choose Save, the Downloads folder will save the system directory.
  4. Alternatively, select Save as, like a computer, you can choose where to save it.
  5. After the Intel Wireless Bluetooth Driver has been installed, twice press the.exe folder to begin the Install Process
  6. Follow the installation instructions for windows that show until the deployment is complete.
  7. Now, the Bluetooth Driver icon for Intel Wireless should show on Desktop 9. To run the program in windows ten pc / laptop, click on the button.

Method 2: Installing app using Windows Store

Step 1: Open the Windows Store App

The Windows Store can be located at the screen toolbar or in the Taskbar at the right. It seems like a little symbol for shopping with the Windows emblem on it.

Step 2: Finding the apps on the Windows Store

Make use of the search bar at the top right to find the Bluetooth Driver Installer (64-bit) in the Windows store.

Or pick Applications if, according to the

popularity and featured applications, you want to discover more features that are accessible.

Step 3: Installing the app from Windows Store

After discovering the Bluetooth Driver Installer (64-bit) in Windows Store, you will see the name and logo, preceded by a key below. If it’s a free app or offers the cost if it’s paying, the key will be labeled Free.

Click on the button to begin the download. Instead, when it is through, you should press Open.


The PC has successfully installed the Bluetooth app. When not mounted, go over the procedures again.

How to Connect the Bluetooth Audio Devices

Bluetooth audio devices are a speaker, headset, etc. that needs to the PC are built in. Sometimes it has auto settings. But sometimes it has to change the settings. So, look at the methods how to connect Bluetooth for PC Windows 10.

  • Switch on your audio device first. Read the manual along with it. Everything is clearly described there.
  • Then go to the taskbar and click on the action center. Then click on Bluetooth or simply the Bluetooth icon.
  • Some may have the Bluetooth on the Start menu. So, go to the start menu and then settings. Find the Bluetooth option and hit the button. If you see the Bluetooth is on, no need to turn it again.
  • After that in action, center tap on connect. The page pops up there will show the device name you have just linked. Select the device and you are connected.

How to Connect Other Bluetooth Devices

Other devices such as a keyboard, mouse, etc. also follow the same method. You have to select the device name from the action center. This is a one-time connection method. After that, the device will be connected automatically with PC.

Final Word

Hopefully, it won’t be difficult after having the full guideline. This method is for Bluetooth for PC Windows 10. Other Windows follows the same manner but slightly change of the name.

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