Colornote for pc: Colorful post-it with timer for you

Do you want to write a shopping list or a list of places to visit on holiday? Or maybe you want to always have a playlist of your favorite songs or applications at your fingertips? For all this and more there is ColorNote Notepad! It allows you to write simple notes or create lists (with check marks) through a convenient and intuitive interface.

How to use Colornote

I use ColorNote every day, and I cannot do without it. Sign the lists of things to buy and also various commitments. You can enter these notes in your home screen, in the form of a cute, colorful post-it. Download and install Android emulator to use ColorNote for PC.

Let’s see in detail how it works. At the opening of the application you will find three commands at the top:

  • Add Notes: To create a new note or a list (checklist).
  • The central key: It will serve to divide the notes you have created for creation time, alphabetical order, color, alarm time.
  • The Search button: Search for old notes either by typing or by voice search. It is useful when you have a long list of old notes and you’ll want to look for one in particular.
  • Going on Add Note: “Text the new note” will open, you can assign a title. Choose the color of the post-it and enter a description if it should serve.
  • Going instead to Add Note: At the checklist, there will always be the title bar, the color bar and at the bottom instead of the space for the note.

There will be the Add Item buttons for your list. It can be saved by double-clicking on back.


If you want to insert a note on your home screen instead, you have to directly enter the Home in the Widget menu. Search for the note or create a new one and it will be automatically added. Download ColorNote for PC from here.

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