Delta VPN For PC Windows 10 Mac -Free Download Unlimited VPN Hotspot

Delta VPN app acts as an intermediary between our device and Internet servers. It makes us part of a virtual LAN. In this way, the IP address shown to the servers is not ours, but the one that the VPN gives us. It allows greater privacy to avoid censorship and geographical restrictions. Install Delta VPN for pc and hide your location.

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Delta VPN: Unlimited free VPN Hotspot

Dozens of virtual private networks or VPNs are available for Android device users. Delta VPN is perfect in these conditions. Intello Apps develops the app.

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How does Delta VPN app work?

Open the application, and in the main menu, we will see a list with all our installed applications — the first thing we have to choose the country. The country we want will be the one that our device shows to any server. If you want Singapore (for example), Netflix will interpret that you are visiting its website from Singapore.

The options we have are simple. In the top search bar, we can search for any website and access it using the VPN. And in the app drawer, we can select any app to open using the VPN. When you open any application, it will allow us to select which country again. This way, we can benefit from the advantages of certain countries.

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The Delta VPN app is fast and free in many countries. They are USA, UK, Singapore, India, Germany, Canada, Japan, Brazil, France and Australia. Users can get free VPN Support for Saudi Arabia VPN, UAE and Iran VPN. The VPN is favourite to PUBG players. They can play the game anonymously from anywhere with high internet speed.

Main features

  • Highly stable
  • Multiple server locations
  • Stable internet connection
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Simple UI


  • It is Free
  • Download torrents
  • Share files
  • Wifi security
  • Unlimited features
  • No log records
  • One-click connect
  • Secure and fast


  • Contain ads

Check Privacy Policy before use it.

Steps to install Delta VPN for pc (Windows and Mac)

The VPN app is available for android device. Our pc doesn’t support APK files. Users can use the VPN through Bluestacks or Nox app player in their Windows and Mac PC. The emulators are available on their official website.

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Delta VPN for pc helps us to surf the Internet without revealing our real IP address. One of the great advantages that it offers us is that it is a free application. There are still optional paid plans for those users interested in being able to navigate more or have some additional features. You can navigate with greater privacy. It will be much more complicated to identify.

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