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Drony app is an online tool that enables its users to enjoy online privacy. It for ensuring that your chats or any information are secured from hackers or other online bullies. Drony for PC provides a private and secure online environment for users to enjoy their private information with their loved ones and also for their daily businesses.

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With day by day development in technology, we find that most people require constant information about the daily update. The share of information is mostly through Facebook, WhatsApp, among other social platforms. Social media is also important in that people get connected, socialize, and hence, they link up for various issues.

Using these platforms does not mean we socialize and get connected without the need for privacy and some restrictions. Other people use these platforms to convey information concerning their daily business issues. And sensitive information that requires privacy. Also, this is when the Drony application comes to be a necessary tool.

Drony Online Freedom

With Drony, the users are assured of 100% online freedom. Because the Drony application delivers its self-generated proxies that can help bypass several firewalls, connect through restricted sites as it secures your connection. It allows the user to access different websites that are blocked following geographical restrictions. Among others, such as school restricted sites, and also prevents the users from being monitored by their bosses. These attributes make the Drony application to be a favorite choice for many.

Drony App Download For PC

The Drony application cannot work with either window or Mac Os since it is designed only to work on an android mobile application. To use this application on your laptop or PC, you need to install an android emulator. There are several third-party emulators found online that can be downloaded to your PC. These are;

How to Install Drony on Windows 10/8/7 and Mac

After installation of one of these mobile emulators, your now ready to go to your Playstore and search for the Drony app and follow the following few steps.

  • From the results, choose the desired app.
  • Install the app by clicking on the install button, and the installation process will begin.
  • Upon the completion of the installation process, click on your emulator’s home button, and you will see the Drony icon appearing on the home interface on your emulator.
  • Pin it and start the necessary configurations on your device.

Drony Configuration

Drony configuration is a simple process that doesn’t need much root process to work. Its disconnection is based on either manual or automatic proxy connections. Manual installation without an account, you just need to set your host-name as localhost and set the proxy port to 8020, and now you are ready to go. Here are simple steps you can follow.

Step 1: Burp suite and computer setup

– Ensure your computer is connected to the WiFi to which your android emulator is connected

– Check to see if your firewall allows incoming burp suite proxy default port 8080 connections (a burp suite is a cyber-security tool).

Burp Suite

– Press (Ctr+Shift+P) to go to the proxy tab.

– On the proxy tab, go-to options.

– Navigate to proxy listeners, go to current listeners, and press the Edit button.

– Select All Interfaces radio buttons from Bind to address.

– Then press OK

– proceed to play store and install the Drony proxy.

Step 2. Wifi proxy setting configuration.

– Go to settings and select WiFi.

– Long press on WiFi SSID

– Pres on Manage Network /Modify Network Config.

– Go to Advanced options, move down to proxy and change from None to Manual.

-Set the host-name to

– Set proxy port 8082 and save.

Step 3. Configure Drony proxy settings.

The configured setting in step 2 now works as a proxy for the emulator itself. We are now required to add a Drony proxy setting which is now the burp proxy.

– Open the Drony app in your emulator.

– Go to setting and slightly toward the right.

– Check if the Drony proxy is on port 8020.

– Scroll down to Network and press WiFi.

– From your WiFi list you will see 8080 this IP is as a result of settings you did in step 2.

– Proceed and set the proxy type to Manual.

– Set your computer IP to be the Hostname.

– Set the burp suite port 8080

– Press the home tab and then ON button at the bottom.


The new version of the Drony app is installable on no-root devices also. As a result, it is possible to install Drony on Windows PC and MacBook. Follow the guide above for download and install. Even the proxy setting is welly describing by the author.

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