Faceapp for PC Download For Change face with a shot

FaceApp is an application that capable of changing the connotations to photographic portraits. Thanks to a face morphing system based on neural networks. With FaceApp, you can take a close-up picture and edit the facial expression. With Android emulator like as Bluestacks, you can use Faceapp for pc.

It is an automatic mini Photoshop. Anyone can use it without knowing how to use other image editing programs. The face morphing system based on neural networks used by the app. It allows you to enjoy many functions.


FaceApp is differentiated from many similar applications. It uses a powerful system based on neural networks. Like what Prisma does for its filters and the result is really good. It means that the effects obtained are generally very convincing. To use the app, you will need to be connected to the internet and wait for the upload of the image and its processing by a server.

Although its operation can be compared to that of existing apps or filters, FaceApp does not limit itself to applying superficial changes. It modifies the image thanks to the algorithm managed by neural networks. Being a technology the results produced are not always perfect.

Download FaceApp for PC Windows and Mac

One click direct download option is available! But unfortunately, this software is unavailable to directly install on a PC. Due to not releasing of EXE version by the authority of FaceApp. No matter! We have another route to bypass this problem. Just follow me as a learner.

Firstly, you need to find out and choose a perfect software to make an Android environment on your computers like Windows or Mac. My recommendation is BlueStacks. Download and install it from here.

Secondly, You need a Google account to start getting play services. If existing, please login. Also, you can create a new one.

Thirdly, Download Faceapp for PC and from the Play Store by opening the play store app on BlueStacks.

install Faceapp on PC

Enjoy it as you need!


At the moment FaceApp allows you to make people in your photos smiling, hot, old and young. In the collage mode, you can combine up to four versions of the photo. You will make the transformations in male and female.

It will be possible to exploit the full power of neural networks to change their photographs. You can crop the face of the person portrayed in different ways. We could, for example, change a sad face and make him smile, simulate accelerated aging.

Final thought,

FaceApp for pc is the app that is right for photo lover. Transform your face with artificial intelligence integrated application.

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