Firefox Focus For PC Windows 10 – Free Download

Firefox Focus build with a top level of security. Blocking the online trackers to prevent losing users browsing privacy. Most of the browsers are snitch sensitive information by tracking internet browsing sessions. So download Firefox Focus for PC to get a secure internet surfing.

The Mozilla Corporation has uploaded the software only on the play store. As a result, this software is enjoyable only for the Android platforms. But the rosy news is that there are available to another route for Windows 7 and 10 to using the application.

Download Firefox Focus For PC

logoTo browsing privately with protecting personal information by the focus version of Firefox. It mainly focuses on the user’s information protection. Browse freedom on the web, no one can track you and your data like cookies, password, histories. No one behind your browsing to hiddenly check your internet activities.

But we are sorry to say that, the software is directly available for the Android user. But I have said to share the byroad to download firefox focus for pc like Windows 7,8,10 and Mac PC too! Follow the tips below:

Install BlueStacks for on your PC first. To log in on the play store app, open it. And, log in the credential of your existing Google Account. If you have not any google account still now. So click on the signup button to create a brand new one.

After putting the account information(s) like email and password, then you will automatically be going to the google play store.

Type “Firefox Focus: The privacy browser” on the search bar to find out the correct app. Install Firefox Focus for PC and open to enjoying it.

From now, every time open emulator first and then open the firefox Focus on Windows PC to browsing more privately.

You can try another software. It is also gorgeous for browsing the internet named mCent Browser For PC. Check the ability of our recommended app. We are hopeful for getting an excellent experience!

Security Features Included on New Version

We have listed some new features on the newly released version of the Firefox Focus browser. The information is collected from the practical experiment. Also, some information has taken from the online Android store and some third-party app sharing website’s review and ratings.

Powerful Privacy
Best for automatic and world’s strong privacy browser. Block the agents who are watching your activity behind other internet browsers. History deleting remainder will inform you to removing browsing history if you forget to clear them.

An Open Source Software
It is no need to say more about open source software. Maybe you know that this an open source-based application. So free for using and also, you can customize or develop it to get more security by downloading the source code.

Slippery browsing experience
The world most fast and furious web browser. It removes and blocks tracking elements from a website/web CMS. As a result, it can be delivering texts and files like audio, video, and images within a few mile seconds. Find out our best browser collection to get more gorgeous internet software.

Supports HTML 5
In the recently released version, the Firefox focus is now integrated to the HTML 5 code. So get a luxurious internet browsing experience. It can play videos through the HTML 5 video player.

Easy Private Browsing
Most of the browser has a critical function on the incognito/private surfing option. But in the new version of Firefox Focus for PC, there are know no functions are hard to use. The interface is totally too much simple and handy to use.

You are maybe now started using firefox focus on PC. However you are using Windows or Mac, follow the above tricks and use the software for the lifetime for free! As an open source software, you should also help it by donating a minimum $3 to up (as your choice). If you are a developer, then you can improve the browser for user experience. Finally, in the session on lastly, you can visit our homepage to get the best software for PC.


  • Maninder singh

    this new firefox focus browser seems great. I have used the conventional version on my windows 10 powered hp laptop and so far had a great experience

    • Muhammad Saif

      Mr. Maninder Singh,
      Thanks for your comment. Your linking is not similar to my website or topic. As a result, I can not approve your site on this comment.

      Hope, Firefox Focus for PC will help you a lot.

  • Camellia Truth

    Just wondering the features of Firefox focus on my PC. Thanks a lot! Also, now I can install all the browsers and application on my desktop. Nice, Nice and Nice!!

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