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FotoSwipe is the best choice for transferring multimedia files. It even supports sending and receiving contact (CSV) data. A productivity tool with cross-platform file sharing operation. Almost every type of format, such as Doc or Docx sharings, is easy if you are using it. Here is the complete guide about download, install, using FotoSwip for PC, Windows, Android, Mac, iOS.

FotoSwipe File Transfer App For All Devices

Need transfer and sharing files between different platforms? Such as iOS and Android or any smart mobile OS to PC OS like Windows or Mac?

Then FotoSwipe app should be the proper solution for you. It has the most potent functionality swipe different types of files between cross-OS.

Available for all the familiar smartphone OS like Android and iOS. But it not found on the Google Play Store!

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FotoSwip APK Download To Install On Android

Its simple user interface is excellent to easily handle function for transferring files and Pictures as a newbie user even! So it should be effortless to connect devices.

But we can’t found the app on the world’s largest Android app store of Google play. Finally, we can collect the APK file of FotoSwip software.

The APK file is a reliable app for instantly sharing media files or documents exclusively. We will share the update APK package on every successful update which has no longer seen a bug!

Even the APK we have shared on our server above, it is thoroughly tested, and it has overcome a tremendous passing score on our lab!

How to Download FotoSwip For PC to Install On Windows and Mac

FotoSwipe Install on PC

Very easy! Though it has not the PC edition till now. But a FotoSwip lover can install the APK on his computer.

Here is an ultimate guide to directly install it on PC. And, this guide is applicable only for the MS Windows 10/8/7 and Apple’s macOS users. Please be patient and quickly set up the APK on PC as an alternative to the EXE file.

You have to go in three steps only:


To using an APK on a personal computer, there is a required software you need to download and install firstly. It called Emulator. This software will make an artificial Android OS. We were suggesting our users for using the Nox app player for this operation.


Run the artificial Android OS on the PC you have to install FotoSwipe. It will call a login page, which allows you to download apps from the play store directly. But FotoSwipe is not available on the Play Store. So, you can ignore the login page. As you wish!


Maybe you already download the APK from the section above. Right-click on the APK file and click Open. Or drag the app on the Nox emulator. Within a second, only you need to wait for finishing the installation!

Here Is The Guide To Install FotoSwipe APK On a Personal Computer

Is It Required An Online Registration?

It requires a user name to identify your device name. Without a device name, a partner is unable to find you accurately. Also, there is a user image setting option on the profile set up page. Users can use some stickers or emoji type icons as their profile photos.

And, the process is not like online registration. It is only a few steps for making your identity, which will help your partner to find your device uniquely. You can design the profile form without a data connection. The FotoSwipe for PC is also usable on offline at any OS like Android, iPhone, Windows, Mac.

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