Free Police Scanner For PC Windows Mac Download

The police scanner is software that broadcasts live streaming of police, ambulance, firefighter, railroad, music, talk show, sports news, etc. through a radio connection it delivers the emergency news of nearby area. It is available for OS, Windows and Android device. Maybe it is a necessary software for PC that everyone should install it. Therefore, free police scanner for PC downloads it from here. But you must have the net connection.

Download Free Police Scanner For PC

The android apps who have no PC version, normally it is impossible to install them on computer/laptop. Due to the lake to an executable file for installing it on a desktop machine, you can setup BlueStacks on a PC firstly. Because it can help you to use any android application from the computer.

It is straightforward and not separate from another app. For the link click here. It is free and for only every platform via the BlueStacks. Then install on your PC by following the method above. Run the application and do as displays on the screen. You only need an internet connection and radio access. Then your work is done!

Free Police Scanner For PC

But remember it will show some ads during running the app. However, update the software, whenever the new edition is available. It will let you enjoy new features. Moreover, turn on the notification button for more updates and breaking news.

The Adventures of Police Scanner

If you follow my tip, then the software available for Android, Windows, and Mac. This free police scanner for PC telecast the news of emergency. By listening to the news, you may be alert what is happening around your area. You also inform police or call emergency unit. You will have to access the closet radio station.

Even it broadcasts the news of national, international and sports. Besides, talk show, music, weather feeds, etc. it has also the entertaining side. The user can view the feedback of other and police feed. Further, it provides the learning facilities. Such as code that police or emergency unit uses.


Free police scanner for PC is an essential application for today. For being the new generation and cope with the modern era everyone must have it.

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  1. It suggests increasing my computer memory. But I have more than 4GB RAM. Can you give me some alternative exe for Windows?


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