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VPN or Virtual Private Network is software that offers features like secure and anonymously browsing. In the meantime, with the help of that tool, you can change your IP address so that no can track you.

Now, there’s a lot of option available for Android. But, most of the computer users don’t know which one to get. They should go for these free VPN for PC Windows 10 and other versions.

Best VPN for Windows 10

Try using one of these free VPN apps on your Windows 10 computer:

Turbo VPN

It is a free VPN for Windows 10 and top on the list. This can create a virtual network adapter used to route the internet traffic to its servers which are in the UK, Germany, France, the US, and many other countries. It came in free and paid both versions.

Turbo VPN blocks all sorts of tracking websites and lets the user browse safely on the web without the tension of getting tracked and hacked.

Thunder VPN

A Lightweight, free, and user-friendly VPN come handy for Windows 10 and other versions. This VPN provides a secure, anonymous, and encrypted access to the web on your Windows computer as well as an Android device.

It lets users change their IP address so that no one can track them and hack them. It proves full safety and privacy especially when it comes to transactions. With the help of this software, browse on restricted areas as well.

Snap VPN With Private Browser

With the help of Globus Free VPN, you can mask the IP address that will allow you to access all restricted areas. This tool comes in a package that includes a VPN agent, and a browser. You only need to download the VPN agent and the browser will automatically install and pinned on your taskbar.

It encrypts all the traffic anonymously. At the same time, you can choose an IP address of your own from a list that this tool provides.

Note: Your anti-virus software may detect these tools as a virus or malware. Don’t worry these are malware and safe to use too.


I hope you already know, we discuss 3 best VPN for Windows 10 but which one is the best from these if your question is if it is then I will recommend you to choose Turbo VPN. Because it is one of the best VPN software for PC. You can also use it on your Android and iOS device. This software will give you 1.5Gb data for free used in every month and if you want you can easily upgrade your data package. But you can also use another one of three, and there are also good for use and user-friendly.

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