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gDMSS Lite for pc is a digital surveillance software produced by Dahua Technologies. It’s designed to help you view live/recorded surveillance videos remotely for security cameras. The software is available in both Lite, Plus and Pro versions.

With gDMSS lite, you can perform a wide range of operations like remote search, device management, center alarm management, and instant video recording, etc. It also integrates with video wall control and connects with smart IT cameras for a seamless operation.

For the center alarm management though, it will help you add an alarm link video stream type.

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How Does gDMSS Work?

To be able to use gDMSS lite for Windows, to view security cameras surveillance, you will need to download the app and launch it in an android platform. Once you’ve added it to your PC, you will need to initialize. You can initialize it either via a WiFi connection or wired device.

To complete the initialization process, scan the QR code. Optionally, you may also manually enter the PC’s SN. After initialization, you can add up to 3 devices for your surveillance needs, i.e., the alarm CCTV camera, and door cameras.

When adding the door camera, you will need the IP/domain, WiFi configuration, and P2P information. You can then preview the features before activating them. For the alarm though, you will need an Alarm Hub. To view your cameras’ live surveillance video feeds, gDMSS Lite requires that you choose from three different channels. The door camera will only need one channel though.

gDMSS lets you to not only view the surveillance videos but also enables you to record, and play them back. It also allows you to enable different configuration options for your video footage like taking photos from them as well as storing the images/videos in your device for future reference.

How To Download gDMSS for PC
How To Download gDMSS for PC

Note that gDMSS isn’t available for PC. No worries though because you can still add it onto your device with the help of an Android Emulator software. It’s recommended that you use Bluestacks Android Emulator.

Here are steps to downloading and using gDMSS on your PC using BlueStacks.

Download BlueStacks

Step 1; Download Bluestacks then launch it on your computer.

Step 2; Sign in using your google email to your account to set up Bluestacks.

Step 3; Search for gDMSS Lite. You will get the gDMSS PC apk file from Dahua Technologies website. You can also download the app from Google Play Store.

Step 4; Launch the gDMSS app.

Step 5; Follow the procedures to set up your account.

What Are The Features Of gDMSS Lite For PC?

gDMSS Lite for Windows has an array of beautiful features for enhanced functionalities and efficiency in recording videos, recording audios, taking photos, and even helping you store them. Here’s a summary of its features;

• Office monitoring. This app is also designed to help you monitor office network remotely.
• Audio record. You also get to record audios remotely.
CCTV camera management. Easily manage your cameras while you’re at work.
• Domestic video footage. Get clear video footage from connected surveillance cameras.

How Do I Change My gDMSS Password?

A primary flaw with these smart security devices is the risk of leaking passwords to unauthorized persons. Besides, you could also forget your password, and fail to access these features. If you want to change your password, here’s a simple breakdown of the steps;

Step 1; Open the gDMSS Lite app.

Step 2; Click the menu tab. You’ll open a drop-down menu for different activities.

Step 3; On the drop-down menu, select device manager. It will expand to show you extra options.

Step 4; From the options, choose the CCTV device which you want to modify/change its password.

Step 5; Select remote configuration.

Step 6; Navigate to ‘User Management’ then select ‘Modify Password.’

Step 7; Enter your old password in the ‘old password’ box.

Step 8; Enter a new password. Confirm the new password, then click ‘Save’ to save the changes.

Bottom Line

Once you’ve installed Bluestacks on your Mac or PC to installing the gDMSS app, always make safety your main concern. You don’t want your recordings to land on unauthorized persons. So, make sure you set up a strong password and only give it to people you trust.

gDMSS Lite for PC offers you a new way to secure your property. You get to enjoy the convenience of monitoring your home or assets from anywhere around the world.

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