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Google Voice application for Android is to be swallowed by meeting places. Now there is no more debate about Google Google’s Google Hangouts. With the Google Hangouts voice update, Google Voice in Hangouts app now includes voice text messages and calls. If you have the android emulator, you can use google voice app for PC.

How to Google voice app?

It is very easy to use Google Voice. You do not need to start the tutorial to talk about what Google Voice is. We will proceed with the different functions that come with the use of Google Voice. The application includes making calls over the 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi network.

To use Google hangout voice to make calls in the past, you may need to configure. Even though you are using the Google Voice Android app, you can still charge your call against your carrier.

To solve that, Google has developed a second application that can act as the plug-in for Google Hangouts, the Hangouts dialer. With this Google Hangout voice application, you will add a bookmark tab to the Hangouts voice application. Then this should allow outgoing calls with your phone number of places over the Wi-Fi network or data network. This particular technology is often referred to as VoIP or voice over Internet protocol.

Use Google Voice with Hangouts App

Once you’ve downloaded the Hangouts bookmark, make sure you open it once. So, you can have it connect to the original Google Voice Hangouts application. This particular additional application is not necessary when you want to receive video calls through the meeting places.


This voice combination from Google Hangouts is great for today’s calls, and you need to send text messages. Assimilating the Google Voice app for PC with the meeting place apps can provide you with a pleasant experience.

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