How to find WiFi password on windows 10 in two ways

If you forget your WiFi password or you want to know how to find WiFi password on Windows 10, then you can see this content. Here we discuss how you easily find your connected WiFi password on the PC. You can find your password by following any prosses. So, follow anyone. Now read the full content. Stay with us to know the accurate tips for how to WiFi password show.

The Methods Are For Windows 10

Awesome and furious way to snatch your saved password. Carefully read both tips for earning more knowledge about Windows wifi connectivity.

How to find WiFi password on windows 10

#1 How to find WiFi password on windows 10

First, you need to click on the Start menu, and you can find the button on the left corner of your pc screen. Then click on the setting icon for going on the setting. Now you can see a window with many options and you need to find the Network & Internet option and click on the Network & Internet option.

After that now you need to click on the Status option from the left side of your screen. Although, this option will be selected for default. If you were already joined to a WiFi network and you shall want to connect to WiFi before proceeding.

Now you need to click on the adapter setting. Then it will open a window that called Network Connections. However, if you don’t find this option, then you can press Win+S button for open the windows search option then type the network connections, and you can see the network connections option on the search result. So, click on the network connections option. Now right click on the connected WiFi network.

Then you can see a menu with a list of options; then you need to click on the Status option from the menu. Now select the Wireless Properties option from the nest window. After clicking on the option then you can see another option. Now you need to click on the Security tab. At that moment you can see your password on the box of “Network security key.” Now check the box for show password. If you complete all prosses, then you will show WiFi password on Windows 10.

#2 How to show WiFi password on Windows 10 by using CMD of all connected networks

For showing your WiFi password, first, you need to open the command prompt as an administrator.  For that you need to click on the Start button of your windows then type on the search box “command prompt” then you can see cmd option on the search result. Now right click of your mouse for finding the run as administrator option, and click on this option.

How to find WiFi password on windows 10

how to find Wi-Fi password on windows 10Open the command prompt, type cmd and hit Enter key.

1st CMDnetsh wlan show profile
2nd CMD- netsh wlan show profile WiFi-name key=clear

Finally, completing these possess then you will show your WiFi password on the command prompt screen.

Note: After hitting the 1st cmd code Then the command prompt will show you’re every WiFi connected network. Then type 2nd cmd.

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If you successfully follow every step by step, I hope you will have successes to show Wi-Fi password on windows 10.  If your PC now connects with the Wi-Fi and you want to Wi-Fi password show, then you can follow the 1st method, or if your pc has not connected with Wi-Fi now and you want to find Windows 10 Wi-Fi password, then you can follow 2nd method. We have also another article for How to find WiFi Password On Mac.

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