How to WiFi Password Show On PC

If you forget your wifi password and you want to wifi password show on your pc or mac book, then you can see this content. Here we try to discuss easily with the screenshot for easy to understand. If you ware using a Windows operating system, then follow 1st method but you must need to connect your pc with the wifi network, if your pc isn’t connected with the wifi network then you can follow how to find my wifi password by using cmd. Now read the full content.

How To WiFi Password Show on PC

logoIf you are using a windows pc, then you can check the 1st method and if you ware using the MacBook, then you need to follow the 2nd method. Now see. The latest version of the Windows operating system is 10. As a result, we have already released the tips about how to find WiFi password on windows 10.

How to find wifi password on windows

First, you need to click on the wifi icon, and you can find the wifi icon on the right side of the screen of the taskbar. This system only works for the currently connected Wi-Fi network which password you ware forgotten. Now click on the Network & Internet settings. When you click on this option, then you can directly go on the wifi setting. Now you need to click on the wifi setting from the left side of your windows 10 logo

Now you need to click on the Change adapter options. You can find this option on the top right corner of Wi-Fi page. Now verify your current wifi network and right click of your mouse on the correct wifi network. Then you can see a menu, and now you need to select the status option from the menu.

After that, you will see a new window and now you need to select the Wireless Properties option from the new window. You can find this option of the middle of the window. Now click on the security tab from the new window. Now you will see “Network security key” option, and under the option, you can find a box with “Show characters” title. Now you need to check the box for showing the password.

Finding the Password on Mac

First, you need to click on the finder app icon that resembles with a blue face on your Mac’s Dock. On the mac book, you don’t need to connect with your wifi network. Here is the A to Z guide to How to find WiFi Password On Mac.

wifi password show

After that, you need to click on the go option on your Mac.

Then click on the Utility option, and you can find this option on the drop-down menu.

On the Keychain Access, you need to Double-click.

Now find out your network name and double-click on it.

Now you need to check the  “Show password” box. You can find this button of near the network window.

Then give your administrator password for showing the password. Currently, you need to submit your password that you submit for login on your mac book.

Hope you ware your wifi password show on your pc or mac book successfully. You already know that for the windows operating system you just need to connect with the wifi network, but for showing the MacBook password, you don’t need to connect your computer to the wifi network. Before going out of here see it: Show WiFi Password On Android Without Root.


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