I Am Egg for PC Window 10 Mac -Free Download and Play

I Am Egg game is a rage game edition application developed by Diego Schirò. It was first published on 28 Jan 2018 which is much popular in 2020 also! It is an exciting game that you will want to play until the end. You will never want to leave it while playing. From this article, anyone can download the Android and iOS version of the game directly and also learn how to download I Am Egg for PC.

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I Am Egg game – Rage game edition

I Am Egg is an interesting game with outstanding graphics and sound quality, which gives the player interest to play until the last level of the game. Also, the game does not take a lot of data, which allows playing in devices with low ram. So download now and see what’s in it.

How to play I Am Egg game properly?

It’s not too much harder to understand the playing process. Anyone can play smoothly after a few tries. In this game, the player will be shaped like an Egg. The game will be played by rolling, bouncing, balancing, and controlling the egg. To finish the game, win all the levels of this rage game! Here are the basics buttons to control yourself:

  • Left joystick: Move the egg
  • Swipe: Rotate Camera
  • Zoom in and out: Double-tap with fingers or do it like images.

Why should you install an updated version of I Am Egg?

Each update brings something new, so always try to install the updated version and play the game. There are many features in the updated version; some of those are given below:

  • Bug Fixed
  • Added new levels
  • Smoother Controls
  • Improved graphics
  • Pause button
  • Many more

Download I Am Egg for PC (Windows and Mac)

Some Egg lover PC users want to play I Am Egg game on a desktop or laptop. Before playing on PC, you need to download an emulator. Because this game is not directly available for windows version, so download the emulator from the link below and began the gaming journey.

Free Download Now!!


Game lovers are always looking for new games. If you also love to play games, then you should download I Am Egg for PC and play it. To download, follow the above procedure and be sure to let us know if there are any problems.

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