You can Use iBooks on PC- Here is How

ibooks for pc windows 10

iBooks is the eBook reading solution by Apple. It provides avid readers with space where they can purchase and read ebooks with ease. Like many other native Apple applications, iBook is only available for Apple devices. This means that you can use it on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. The problem is that these devices are small and for those who enjoy clear writing in big letters will not enjoy this. One option would be to use a Mac which is fully supported by iBooks but not everyone has a Mac. If you have a Windows PC, how can you read iBooks for PC?

#1. Use the iTunes App

logoiTunes is one of the exceptional programs designed by Apple that run perfectly on Windows computers. You can download and install iTunes from the Apple Web Store and use it to download songs, movies, game, and many others. In this case, iTunes will help us use iBooks for PC Windows 10.

You will first need to install iTunes if you had not done so already. Use the browser on your PC to access the Apple Web Store and download the latest version of iTunes. Install the file and then click on “Account” followed by “Authorizations” and finally click on “Authorize”. Input your Apple ID and password. You can now transfer your iBook to the Windows PC using iTunes and you can then read them at your pleasure.  Here is also available the best method to using Keynote for Windows PC.

To use iBooks for PC, connect the iPhone or iPad to the PC and then go to “Files” then “Devices” and finally click on “Transfer Purchases from…………..” Fill the dash with the name of your device.

#2. Use the EaseUS MobiMover

EaseUS MobiMoveriTunes is the perfect solution but it only allows users to access iBooks for PC, not eBooks downloaded from other sources on your iPhone. If you would like to transfer all your eBooks from your iPhone or iPod to Windows PC, you should consider using EaseUs MobiMover. This is a free solution that is very effective in what it does and is easy to use.

The first step is to download the EaseUS MObisaver program from its official website and installing it. once installed, launch the application and connect your iPhone or iPod. From the mainboard, choose “Transfer to Computer”. Select Books as the files to transfer and click on the “Tranfer” button. The transfer will be done and in a few minutes,s you will have all your iBooks and other eBooks on your Windows PC. Feel free to peruse through them any time you wish. Already we published another Apple app iMessage For PC Windows.

Bottom line

You can access iBooks for PC on your computer using the methods above. It is important to note that these methods involve the transfer of the books from an Apple device to your PC. You will not have the iBooks app on your PC but you will have the books. Find a good eBook reader that is supported by Windows and enjoy reading your favorite books.

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