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iMessage For PC

Apple has released some best software for increasing facilities for iOS users. They regularly Do research on customer needs. And they realized that in the eon of iMessage software logoglobalization, communicating is the nucleus on the best session of human civilization. So to meet user’s needs, Apple authority release iMessage software. The windows PC users are now interested in using iMessage for PC, basically for Windows 10.

As a result, we are taken the decision to share the roads for installing iMessage software on a PC like Windows and Linux. Let’s go with us!

Roads to use iMessage for Windows PC

There are one more ways. But I will share the proven methods only. Follow one of them for easily download for windows and start chatting.

Using a Simulator- The easiest way!

I’m sure you are now interested to know more about the simulator. I wanted to give you some important ideas about this. But the text will be very big. Moreover, this article is not about this subject. So click here to know more details ‍about the difference between an emulator and simulator. If you want to know more about this topic. Let me know. I have this issue later. Okay, now time to go to the point of today’s topic. Before the point, I want to meet you with are some suggested tips like this tricky article.

iPadian simulator interface

That means it is one kind of an emulator. Also, knows as app player software. Maybe you are familiar with the iPadian iOS application player. Download iPadian and install it on PC. Finally, follow these steps:

  1. Download iPadian simulator forms the official website. Some free version is also contained on the web like a piece of cake. But in this version are not good for user experience. So the premium version is recommended.
  2. After finishing (.EXE) setup file for Windows. Then setup it on your PC.
  3. Like the other software, the iPadian simulator has a privacy policy and condition document. So tick on the agree button if need.
  4. Now lunch the newly installed software on your Windows operating system.
  5. It should be installed on the simulator as pre-installed. If no, then you need to open the app store and search the iMessage software for Windows to download and install.
  6. Start enjoying from now! We share an ultimate guide for PKPASS. The post may be similar to your researching.

Using Google Chrome _ The Furious Way!

Without expense a penny, you can use iMessage on Windows PC by a simple and tiny Google Chrome extension. Amazed? haha!

Required software and hardware:

  1. Must need a Mac. Install iMessage on the Mac firstly.
  2. Suppose, you are want to install iMessage on Windows PC. So you need a Windows Desktop/Laptop. If you are a Linux user. Even you can use iMessage on Linux.
  3. Now download and install Google Chrome browser on both PC such as Mac and Windows/Linux (targeted PC).
  4. Finally, Install a Chrome extension named Chrome Remote Desktop on both operating systems.
    Chrome Remote Desktop

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Final Steps:

You should already have the necessary tasks above. Time to launch the addons from the Chrome browser. Login with your existing Google Account and give access to it. Then download the host installer for the chrome remote desktop extension for mac. Follow the instructions from the given link. for all OS like Mac, Windows, Linux, and Chromebook too.

Install the host installer. If you have done the process then you will receive the notification like the screenshot.

Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer

This process is for using a computer from other computers via the Chrome browser. Just like the TeamViewer. But something deferent exists. Let’s go to the next part.

Now the software will automatically generate a code. It is a unique code for every user. And it will the main element to finally get connected to other computers and applications.

It is like this:

To begin sharing your desktop, give the access code below to the person who will be assisting you.

3119 6964 3334

Once they have entered the code your sharing session will begin.

I have shared the best two methods above about download and installing iMessage for Windows 10. Normally, these methods are more helpful for Windows OS users. But, all the OS users are able to download iMessage for PC. In the last paragraph, My final recommendation is for use with the iPadian simulator. Because this method is hassle-free and all the Apple products are installable on PC with this application player. Take a look on to get latest software news.

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