Internet Speed Meter For PC – Check Perfectly In One Click Only!

If your question is- How to check Internet Speed Meter For PC like various operating system computers such as the Windows and Mac? Then you are in the perfect webpage for knowing more about internet speed checking from a desktop.

Internet Speed Meter For PC

We are now checking your internet speed! See the result below!! If you have a minimum 3MBPS, it should be a standard internet connection. In a quality 3G or 4G connection, it should be more than 6 to 10 Megabytes per second speed.

Please comment on what is your internet speed? My speed is 8.2MBPS.

If you are using cable internet connection then it can perfectly verify your internet speed quality even! You do not need to download any application software for checking it form your PC like Windows and MacBook.

Must Download These for your Computer:

Internet Speed Meter for pc

Some cable internet providers are promising you to give you the full speed connection. Also, they promise you to give you always more than 2MBPS. But you should know that they are originally giving you only 12.5%!! How amazing?

The calculation of Internet speed

Their accounts are like these- Suppose an internet customer buy a package of 500KPBS. Now, 500÷8=62.5KBPS. Hope you understand how they measure it and constantly cheating you.

So if you are using a 2MBPS internet cable connection then you have only a 2000÷8=250KBPS only!

But they are very clever! they always giving your more than 5MBPS on youtube for video buffering. You maybe suffer for video buffering problem sometimes on the other website without YouTube.

When you are watching videos on other video sharing websites without YouTube in 720HD or 1080HD mood. Then most of the time it will unable to give you the full performance lake of perfect speed on your internet connection. And it shows every time buffering, buffering and buffering. How disgusting this?

Hope you are now an expert about checking the Internet Speed Meter For PC without any software application. If you realized that the above information is useful and should be known for your friends and family member. Then please share this article on your social media. Thanks a lot for stay with


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