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Kingdom Rush game for action lovers. It comes with epic action-adventure, gameplay, and story. The best thing about the game is its characterization and animation. Besides, it’s customizable and upgradable as well. A player can use his/her strategy-making ability to win. In short, it’s a great Android game. Furthermore, it’s possible to download Kingdom Rush for PC with this guide.

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Kingdom Rush game review

Kingdom Rush is an action strategy game where a player has to make strategies to defend his/her kingdom from outside enemies. For playing this game, it will need to fight with orcs, hordes, trolls, evil wizards, and many other enemies by using spells and towers that will work at the gamer command.

Kingdom Rush game reviewThe game has lots of venues like forests, wastelands, mountains where gamer have to fight and form a defensive strategy for the kingdom’s safety. It has an upgrade and specialization feature that’s helpful for tower upgrade and defense. Besides, the player will be able to gather reinforcements, command troops, and recruit elven warriors to fight all the legendary monsters.

The Features You Will Enjoy on PC

Kingdom Rush offers these features to players:

Features On PC

  • Great Animation and Graphics – its graphics and animation are really good and HD quality too.
  • Epic Battle – Experience the great battle that will keep anyone playing the game for hours.
  • Easy Commands – Command your troops and see them fighting hand to hand.
  • What Have – You will have mighty barbarians, forest rangers, arcane wizards, for your help, and not forget eight tower upgrades for customizing strategy.
  • Abilities – You will have tower 18 abilities in here to defend kingdom and fight.
  • Enemies – It offers 45 kinds of enemies like goblins, demons, etc. Every enemy has its own unique skills. So, you won’t find the game stubborn.
  • Boss – A good game always contains a badass boss. Likewise, this game features seven great boss fights like unbeatable Troll Warlord, unstoppable Juggernaut, and humongous JT.
  • Heroes – Like bosses, this game has 12 legendary heroes. Just bring them to a battle and win for sure.
  • Bonus Stages – It has four bonus stages, which are The Rotten Forest, The Ruins of Acaroth, The Fungal Forest, and The Lair of Sarelgaz.
  • Achievements – It has 50 achievements and hours of gameplay to increase enjoyment and gaming experience.
  • Encyclopedia – The game has an in-game encyclopedia that contains all the info from towers and enemies.

How to Download Kingdom Rush for PC Windows EXE 32/64Bit?

Get EXE Setup File

How to Play it On a Mac?

It’s an Android app; that’s why it’s not available for PC. You have to use an Android Emulator. Download any Emulator you want. Install and login on the Emulator with your Google Account. So, it is easy to use an emulator. Let’s download an emulator and enjoy the game.

Download for PC

Final Verdicts

I hope you won’t find any trouble playing Kingdom Rush for PC. However, I will recommend you to use BlueStacks as your Emulator since it’s the best.

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