MAC Spoofing – How to prevent?

MAC spoofing is a procedure to change the MAC address (Media Access Control Address) of the network connected device. As Wireless Access Network is spreading quickly, it becomes the attractive target of the hackers. They try to hack the MAC address to impersonate other devices to this network. With several techniques, the hacker can do MAC Spooning on your computer or other networked devices. But there are some ways to prevent MAC spoofing.

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What is MAC spoofing?

The process of changing Media Access Control Address of any networked device is called MAC Spoofing. MAC address is etched to the device’s hardware by the manufacturer. A network interface controller of the device makes it hard to change the Media Access Control Address. Though it is not changeable by the user, it is possible to mask the MAC address. This process causes changing the identity of a computer for any motivation. It is quite easy for some hackers.

How can I protect my device against MAC spoofing?

You can do something for the protection against MAC spoofing. For this, you need to have both protection and active detection. You need to monitor and analyze your network system. You can access your device to a company network. It will help you to prevent other people to connect. A limited entrée to the network connection such as Wi-Fi needs to be reserved to the users. You should do it because a big part of MAC spoofing attacks comes from the internal network. It is important for the company that they should make sure that they do not allow unauthorized people. It prevents the risk of illegal people accessing and manipulating the network. As an example, you can bypass the Wi-Fi protection by using cable and connect the network directly. Besides, you can use IPsec technology and communication encryption on your network. It will prevent eavesdropping of the existing Media Access Control Address. Many companies use advanced active networking hardware that enhanced the security using firewall configuration and switch configuration.

Why you mask your MAC address?

We know that every device that has network connection has the identity by MAC address. You can mask your MAC address to protect your privacy.


Some users like to hide the real identity by using a false address in order to protect privacy. Another reason is that MAC address sent over WLAN or public LAN networks are unencrypted. So, every user on this network can track the registered device in this network and also read the hardware addresses. Then anyone can use it for illegal activities.

Identity theft

To protect the IT system from any dangers, administrator occasionally applies security measures t restrict access to the network to the authorized device. Here the linking elements, for example, Ethernet switches through port security give the chance to filter the network data on OSI layer 2.

MAC spoofing has both advantages and disadvantages. You can do MAC spoofing for your own network and private security. Besides, you have to take steps so that other people cannot spoof your MAC address.

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