How to use netplwiz windows 10

The netplwiz windows 10 is a system that helps a user to the login windows operating system automatically. If you want to remove your windows password from the Windows 10 pc, then you can see it. Here we easily discuss for solving the problem. In many ways, you can solve this, but we find out the best easy way to solve it. Now read the full content.

What Is Netplwiz.exe?

The netplwiz.exe is a type of EXE file related with MSDN Disc 4455.01 industrialized by Microsoft for the Windows Operating System. The latest version of Netplwiz.exe is, and that was shaped for the Windows operating system. The EXE file transmits an admiration rating of 1 star and a security rating of “UNKNOWN.” To know more about netplwiz, go to the given link.

By using netplwiz Windows 10 open hidden user accounts

To change your pc setting, it required for you to inevitably login to Windows. So that, you don’t need to type a password every time for starting your pc. For that first, you need to cx open a “hidden” user account. In many ways, you can do it. But here we discuss one of the fastest ways. However, for that first, you need to press windows key with the “R” at once at your keyboard. After then it will open a run window, you can also open it by using windows search box. For that, you need to click on the windows key and write on the search bar “run” then click on it. After opening the run windows then you need to write on the box “netplwiz.exe” and hit the enter button.

You can also open it by searching on the Windows. For example, in the Windows 10, type “netplwiz” on the search box, on the Windows 7 you can also find it by following this posse. After finding the netplwiz.exe at search result then click on this option.

Then the user Accounts window is exposed, and this window lists all user account that exists on your computer, counting the user that you are used to the login.

After starting by the selecting user account for which you don’t want to type your password into the login windows. Then you need to uncheck the options that say “Users must enter a username and password to use this computer” and hit on the ok.

After collecting these possess then it asked you to type your login password for confirming it. For that, you need to type your user password on the box then hit on the ok button.

After complete that then the next when you try to open your Windows 10 that time the windows will automatically log in your pc. But no matter what type windows were operating system you used on your pc.


Hope now you successfully netplwiz windows 10. Although in this content we mainly focus on Windows 10, this system will work every windows operating system. If you use the Windows XP, 7, 8 or 8.1, then you can easily use this method for automatically login windows without giving any password.

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