Photomath For PC Windows(10,8,7), Mac -Free Download Newest Version

Photomath software can help you to remove scary about mathematical terms by solving them in a second. Use your phone camera and scanned papers as math OSC software.

Math lover and Math addicted people wants to download Photomath app for PC. But this is only for Android and iOS platforms. For the more usability and helpful features, now the computer users also try to install Photomath on Windows and Mac.

Here is a software expert going to explaining how to download and install Photomath on all OS.

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What is Photomath Software?

Photomath allows how to solve and learn basic to advanced mathematical terms including the 30+ type of Mathematical chapters. Best app for teachers and students. It has a built-in scientific calculator which can scan images via camera. It can convert a printed hard copy text into a soft text file!

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Official Intro Video

Photomath Inc has released a video for introducing about main functions of this application.

What Are The Wonders Of Photomath App

Photomath is a powerful software for science and math student. Advanced technology makes it more friendly for all ages of peoples like students and teachers. The master-class app to learning and teaching maths.

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1. Scanning Texts

Take a snap by the camera to auto compose the math on software. It works like an OCR application which can scan and convert a printed book to soft file.

2. Solve In a Second

The ability to solving every section of the equation is awesome. Just scan and get a solution within a mile second. Smartly calculate without wrong information.

3. Learning and Earning Knowledge

Even it can be teaching you to improve your math knowledge. Because of it provide you line by line of the total equation till the last line of result.

4. Wide Range

It has a wide range in solving and learning maths. Such as Algebra, decimal, functions, graph math, Trigonometry, Calculus, Statistics, and all advanced math. It supports almost all type of equations.

5. Solve Hardcore Math In Accurately

Amazing step by step solution and perfect result get in a second. Do not waste your valuable time. Hardcore maths are now easy to accurately result.

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How To Use Photomath

There are two methods to input equations to get results instantly. First is- directly compose on the app’s scientific display. And, second is- scanning handwritten items via the camera. Or, use the camera on the textbook.

How to Use Camera On Photomath

  • Open Photomath, click on the cam icon to start the camera.
  • Place textbook or handwritten math on a plain table.
  • Equally, set the camera lens to focus on the hard copy. Please do not shake your hand.
  • If need flash, activate it. Or keep it in auto mode.
  • Click on the photo taking button.
  • Normally, it takes 1/2 seconds to find out the accurate angle.

Within 1/2 second it will take the image and convert into a soft copy of the math! Finally, you can get the result. Because it will automatically detect which kinds of math. And, start solving it. Within a mile second, you can see the results.

Camera Alternative in Photomath PC Edition

Generally, there is nothing like a camera on a PC. But sometimes found a webcam on laptop and desktop.

Just use the webcam as your back camera! If you have not the webcam. You have two options.


Use your phone to taking a photo of the math and input this image on the pc version app.


Use your scanner as a camera. I think it is a pure way. If you have a scanner for the PC. Then please connect it and input directly from the scanner.

Photomath For PC

The software is only found on the Android and iOS platforms. We have contacted the Photomath developer to inquire about the computer edition of the software.

Unfortunately, they have not released the computer edition. As a result, we need to follow an alternative way. But we must install Photomath official version on PC.

How To Download and Install Photomath On PC (Windows and MacBook)

Following guide is the single method to download, install and play Photomath on Windows and Mac computers.

Download and Install Photomath On PC

1st Step: Download Emulator

Go to this site and collect the BlueStacks android app emulating software for Mac and Windows PC. It supports all the versions of Mac and Windows like 10, 8, 7 and XP even!

2nd Step: Install BlueStacks

Install BlueStacks emulator to run the Photomath app on your PC whichever your OS.

3rd Step: Run Emulator

If you have successfully overcome the installation. Then it should be open automatically for the first time. But it can take some more seconds to complete the installation.

NoteBook: Please connect your PC on the high-speed internet. Because BlueStacks need internet data for the first-time run.

4th Step: Login On The Play Server

As like a brand new Android device it requires to log in on the play services. It needs a Google account. Input Gmail ID and Passcode. Click on the sign in button.

5th Step: Searching Photomath App

Start play services and open play app to searching Photomath software. Click on the logo the software.

Finally, download and install photo math on Windows PC and Mac OS.


Advanced users always wants to get a large screen to get an awesome experience with Photomath PC edition. If you are not satisfied with the performance of Photomath on smart mobiles. Then go ahead with our tips above. We are sure that the above method is the final way to download and install Photomath for pc, Windows, and Mac.

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