PKPASS – The Ultimate Guide For iPhone & Android

pkpass ultimate guide

Mainly the PKPASS is a file extension for the iOS system. By using this app on the iOS, you can save your loyalty cards, movie ticket, coupons, and other passes. However, although the PKPASS is coming for the iPhone, iPad but you can use this similar app at your android device. Most of the time you may need to open the PKPASS file at your iPhone device, for that, by following this content you can open the PKPASS file at your iPhone device.

Here we added three similar apps that can give you the better experience than the iOS wallet. You can choose anyone. Most of the peoples are searching on the online for convert PKPASS file to pdf file. You believe me; it is not possible to convert PKPASS to pdf. So, don’t waste your time finding it. Now read the full content.

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What is a PKPASS file?

PKPASS file a file system that used for the passbook, an iOS 6 app used for the saving lodging passes loyalty cards, coupons, movie ticket, and other passes. And it may cover areas that provided by the vendor in a user-generated pass. The PKPASS files can be used for the track authorization codes, balance, logins, and others information.

The PKPASS files is a ZIP format file that can cover logo images, digital signature and pass formatting info. If you want to view the contents of the PKPASS file, then you can rename the “.PKPASS” extension to “.zip” then use a Zip program to extract the files.

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How to open PKPASS

If you want to open the PKPASS then you can do it in several ways, now see how you open the PKPASS file.

Method 1: opening PKPASS iPhone, iPad

If you want to open the PKPASS file at your iPhone device, then you need to follow this method step by step. Now see.

Download Directly To iOS

We’re presumptuous you have already downloaded the PKPASS file on your pc, and you are tiresome to import the PKPASS to your Apple Wallet.

Any website that permits you to download the PKPASS file more than probable lets you do the same from your iPhone. Then open the website in your Safari browser and try to download the file. Safari will be open in the Apple Wallet, and it asks you if you want to import it.

Email It

If you were not able to download the PKPASS file at your iPhone device, then you can solely email this file to yourself. We strained this with the Gmail app and mail app. Make sure that you attach actual PKPASS file and not to join it. Together the mail and Gmail app can be open the PKPASS file, and it gives you an option for import it on the Apple wallet.

pkpass mail inbox

PKPASS android

If you want to open the PKPASS at your android device, then you can see it.


Android pay is an app that allows you to store your credit cards, debit card, from the various bank accounts and gift cards from the various stores. It uses the NFC technology for the contactless expenses that are safer than using physical cards.

The android pay will keep your card information protected under multi-layer encryption. It also different then google wallet as the last only allows to Android phones transact money and savings bank account. However, you can’t be able to use the google wallet to pay your bills that is the cakewalk with the android pay.

You don’t need the fingerprint, don’t need flash MasterCard and American Express card, only tap on your Android device for contactless payments using NFC technology and your job is done.

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The passbook is one of the best passbooks for android device. This a similar to the iOS PKPASS. You can get PKPASS similar experience with this app at your android device. By using this app, you can scan your passbook QR code for add all information or add the PKPASS file you download from your email or the web.

QR code passbook

Passbook is a simple and arranges your all passes in groups which you can choose from the sidebar. You can view all information in this app, and you can also be added as a calendar events on this app. In there you can see two sorting options from the menu, so for that, you have your latest permits at your fingertips.

fingertips on passbook


Pass2U Wallet is another best app for the android device that can allow to passbook son Android. This app has few features when likened to the former. However, now you need to click on the information key on the permits, then you get options that show the lock screen, and it just like an iOS. In this app, you can get categories at your app sidebar. I think about this app, and this app can give you the better experience than the iOS wallet.


At the play store, this app downloaded over the one million peoples, and this app eating is 4.4. This app collects and manages membership cards, event tickets, coupons, transport cards, movies tickets, etc. support Aztec, PDF417 2D barcodes, Code 128 1D barcode and QR Code, it also supports for iBeacon. This app support over the 35 languages. At this app, you can backup and restore your google drive.

Download Link:

Convert PKPASS to pdf

If you want to convert your PKPASS file to the pdf, then, it not possible. We don’t find any tool or any extension for convicting the PKPASS to the pdf. Now don’t waste your time searching the convert PKPASS to the PDF.

Hope now you try to open PKPASS at your iPhone, iPad device and you will success to open it. If you also want to use this app at your android device, then you can also be able to use it by downloading our giving app. But one thing must be remembered that if you want to try to convert the PKPASS at the pdf, then you must waste your time. It doesn’t look possible to convert the PKPASS at the pdf. Find some more informative and useful tips for PC on the given link.

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