Play Store For PC Windows 7/8/10 Free Download Now

Play Store is an essential tool that we must have installed on our smartphones and tablets with the Android operating system. In our PC, we can use the play store. It is why this article is dedicated almost exclusively to it. Today we will explain how to download Play Store for Windows 7.

Installing the Google Play Store for Windows 10/8/7 PC

What happens is that many users have been asking us about the possibility of installing the Google Play Store. How to install directly on our computer to take advantage of it? The first thing we must emphasize in this regard is that thanks to the BlueStacks platform or emulator. You can take many of the apps of Android to our Windows computer.

I guess, BlueStacks already installed on our computer. The next step has to do directly with looking for the first screen. The one that appears immediately after the boot, where the different applications that we can get to install will appear. All the information on our phone but seen directly on the computer.

Now we go to the classic gear symbol in the black bar on the right side to open the screen configuration. You will see that we can configure the behavior of BlueStacks from Manage accounts. Then, select concretely than the one of Add account.

Enter your Google account data. The following will enter us directly to the Google Play sign-in page. Once the Google Play Store is installed, you can download the applications that are the part of it.


Once we have configured our Google account in the Bluestacks emulator to be able to take the Google Play Store, everything will be as easy as downloading it just like any other application. As you may have noticed, it is logical to repeat. It is necessary to have the BlueStacks emulator installed as long as we want the Google Play Store for Windows 7.


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