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PnPCam app is regarded as the best tools for video surveillance. As you install this app on your computer, you can view the live streaming of PnP cameras on Windows and Mac PC. However, you should ensure to configure the same with the application. While the market is filled with a wide array of video surveillance apps, PnPCam is considered to be the best among them.

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Reasons To Opt for PnP cams for PC

PnPcam for PC

There are several reasons why people prefer to install PnPCam for Windows PC, instead of other surveillance apps, available in the market. In case you were busy with some other work and you have failed to watch the surveillance, you can watch it later from the saved videos. It also helps in detecting frauds, and thefts which might have occurred in the organization.

The motion detector happens to be another optimum feature of this app. As the camera detects any motion in the video, it will send notifications in no time. You can install this application for managing several DVRs at the same time.

Steps to install PnPCam for Windows 10/8/7/Mac PC

The installation of this application is easy and simple. In the beginning, you require downloading the emulators on your computer for the hassle-free usage of the application. Once you have downloaded the emulator of your choice on your computer, you require opening it.

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After this, you can make use of the top search bar and look for PnPCam. Once you search and find the application successfully, you require downloading and installing PnPCam on your computer.


You can install this application on Windows, Android, and any other computer operating system. LukeYan999888 developed this application and you can make the best use of it for surveillance. 3.37 is the latest version of this app which was released in the year 2019. There were more than 100 downloads within the first few weeks of its release.

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