Qlab for PC: Ideal for live shows

You need a tool to handle many audio files and create professional presentations. Qlab for pc may be the solution. The program creates audio presentations with impressive quality. Major houses and theaters around the world have surrendered to QLab facilities. It allows you to create multimedia timelines for live performances and more. QLab controls audio, video and MIDI files in a single interface.

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How to use Qlab for pc

Without the need for modern and more technical equipment, you can make your MacBook a portable media center. The free version of Qlab comes with dozens of sophisticated features and tools. So, you can create media timelines with perfection you’ve never seen before.

With iPadian, you can use the app in your PC without any hesitation. Let’s see some special features of the app.

Intuitive interface

Professional users also have several plugins and extensions to make the program even better. The QLab environment is pleasant and simple even for users with little experience.

Control menu

To add audio files or cue points, drag and drop the files. You can copy and paste markings, spaces, and adjust the tempo and effects of each soundtrack or video. Imagine that the song should start as soon as the actor puts his foot on the stage. But, the program you use has a certain delay and then, when the actor appears, no music is played.

Audio inputs and outputs

The control of videos in QLab is quite interesting. The program is capable of playing movies and stills in full screen or resizable window. Do you need to adjust the rotation, size, or aspect ratio of a video? QLab menu does not pose any problem for the user.

Download Qlab For PC

All in one stronger and most popular project management software for PC. Available for iOS and Mac computer. Available new features on the latest version 4.0. Download it from here.

Final thought,

QLab for PC is an interesting program for creating multimedia timelines. It is Ideal for live performances, theaters and concert halls.  Those who have never had experience with this type of task can find the menus and understand the CUE system and its groupings. The functions of the program meet the professional needs of any sound designer.

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