Rohos Mini Drive The Perfect USB Security System

We want to save our USB data especially always. And, we use various software for more secure our USB data like files and folders. Rohos Mini Drive is such kind of software for creating a secure partition on your USB drive. And, no one can find the partition from the drive without you. Even if you lost your USB device, then you have not any tension about your private data flashing to others.

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Download Rohos Mini Drive And Secure Your USB Devices

To download the official version please click here. Now install it on your PC. After successfully installed, a dialogue box will appear on the desktop. Now connect your pen drive on the PC. Click on the “setup USB key” option. Now another new dialogue box should be open. Click on the “Change” option from the downward.

Open the “Disk Letter” option and create a My Computer option on the USB device. Now select the total disk size you want to create a new partition.

Note: Please input the disk size in megabytes numbers. Such as if your pen drive is 64 GB. And, you need to create the new partition with 10GB. Then type 10000 (in a megabyte) and click on the OK button.

Now the main option to secure the new partition. To set a password, type and retype the same password on the separate and selected boxes.

Now a new drive has been created on your MyComputer. So open the USB device, and you will find a new partition named Rohos Mini.

rohos mini drive passwordTo open it just “double click” like you open other files and folders. It must want a password. So input the password accurately. To save this partition from keylogger input the password on the on-screen board option and press “OK/Enter“.

Now it should be found a new shortcut of Rohos software on the system tray. So you maybe understand already that this drive is fully secure.

And, you can use this drive as your private space. Save any file like Audio, Video, Spreadsheet, Document, etc as your needs.

Form now nobody can access your private data. Because it is fully password protected!! Even you can change the password as you want. Enjoy the best security for your important files and folders.


Please set a hard password. Do not use your Name or phone number directly. To make a complex password at least use any capital and small letter with any of these symbols like ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) _ + { }. And please remember this password. Because of every time this password need to open the new partition.

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