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School of Dragons game is an adventure game. The people who like action, they can also download School of Dragons for PC. It has a lot of creative fun. The player will enjoy this app as the best adventurous. However, it is to train dragons in various ways. And then face other competitors with the dragons. Generally, this is for Smartphones that are based on Android and iOS platforms. But you can download it on your PC and play it on a large screen.

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How To Install School of Dragons on PC To Play On a Big Screen

School of Games is an animated game of Dreamworks. This app is based on the movie “How to train Your Dragon”. However, in this app, a player can build his own character and train his dragon. With the dragon, explore the new area, island and complete the game’s quests. Here, enjoy the flying with the dragon and explore the mysterious world. A player has to train his dragon correctly and become the best dragon trainer. It also provides the clan’s adventure by linking with others.

However, anyone can download and enjoy this on your computer. Using an emulator like Bluestacks or Andy for Android and Mac computer is the best way to enjoy this gaming app on the PC. So, download an emulator according to your computer type.

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How to play School of Dragons

Playing this game is not hard. It is so exciting. At first, choose the dragon you want to train. Then give a name of it. Then make an incubator for the dragon. However, there are some species to choose the dragon, such as Monstrous Nightmare, Gronckle, Deadly Nadder, etc. Then hatch the egg and wait for dragon. The player has to train his dragon. In school, he has to collaborate with other characters of the school.

After that, the player can be a clan member. Then enjoy the journeys and other quests. It is quite enjoyable.

Gameplay – Train Your Dragon

School of Dragons is a multiplayer game that contains chatting, races, connect to friends, and many more. In this, a player can other players, visit their farms, join competitions. To enjoy more fun, acceding to a clan is a good idea. Besides, a player can enjoy the adventure alone by turning off the multiplayer mode. Besides, there is an opportunity to customize the account. Moreover, a player can customize the color of the dragon, clothing of the Viking, etc.


If anyone likes the movie How to Train Your Dragon must like to play the School of Dragon. If a player wants to have this game on a big screen, he/she can download the School of Dragons for PC. Fly with the dragon, train it in your own ways, race with the dragon to a mysterious world is so adventurous. So, I must try it.

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