Screen Recorder For PC Windows, Mac Free Download & Alternatives

A well knows and efficiently operating screen recorder is always needed especially for those who capture videos and makes footage. However, many screen recorders are available, but those are payment base. Free trial screen recorder’s validity exists only one month. Check out the free screen recorder for PC we recommended. Have a glance at the recorder and choose you to prefer most. Because it is easy to download and operate.

Download Screen Recorder For Computer

Do you want the full version of screen recorder with all feature? Then look at the software and downloading the link below. These are the best screen recorder for PC and free.

#1 Du Recorder

The ultimate software for recording screen on Windows, Mac, and Android. Also, free for use. But a watermark will appear on the recorded video. On the pro version, it will remove from the video. But I suggest the free version for the personal and non-commercial using. Super flexible and smooth experience! To know more about the adventures of the Du screen recorder and download it click on the link below.

#2 OBS Studio

OBS recorder is the recorder that doesn’t have a limit of recording. Besides, smooth and HD quality video editing system. It supports both recording and streaming with high definition. You can record games, live TV shows, Youtube or make the video from still picture. So, for free downloading check out the link first.

#3 Flashback Express

Almost close to the top one screen recorder. It is also able to record from webcam or screen. Installing it, you can comfortably work with excessive features. Another point is it doesn’t put any watermark in videos. But you may have to pay for unlocking some extra program. For more to know click the link.

#4 Apowersoft Online Base Recorder

This online base recorder is appropriate for recording tutorial, presentation. It also doesn’t have any video length restriction. For recording immediately, you may try the software. The other will take time to get used to them. But not compatible with gaming recording. If you are interested, navigate the link from here.

In a Nutshell

These are free best screen recorder for PC with full edition. It will improve video quality and work both. Download the one that goes best for overall demand and choices.


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