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ScreenFlow for pc windows

Screen recording and video editing are one of the most common things we do on our computer. The screen recording allows us to save online classes, tutorials, live videos, video chats, and other activities on the local disk to see again. Download ScreenFlow for pc. The program is only available for Mac. You can use it windows operating system with iPadian.

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Record and edit with ScreenFlow

You can record any region on the screen. You, this recorder also allow you to choose the audio input, add the webcam and customize the specific format (MP4, AVI, WMV, GIF, etc.) for recording. You can also try another Apple software named iCalendar For PC.

Custom Settings

Before finding these settings, there was not much to do. I modified the Web – High preset as the screenshot below. My last attempt to export a 2h15 lesson took 4 hours to export the video and resulted in a 665MB file. The quality has been very good, but the file size is a problem.

Given the size of the file generated by ScreenFlow, I started looking for better settings that drastically reduced the size of the video. {If you need AirDrop for PC, you can free download.}

Video settings

You will need to configure the codec itself. To do this, in the same window click the “Options” button. It will open a new window with all the customization options of the codec. Modify the options as the screenshot below.

When it comes to recording screens, it is one of the most popular applications used by a large number of PC users. This software is a screencasting and video editing tool, all in one.

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If your recording is voice-based, with almost no soundtrack, you can also modify the audio settings, further reducing the size of the exported video. Just modify the audio quality to 64kbps bit rate on ScreenFlow for pc.

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