Show WiFi Password On Android Without Root

Wifi password shows no root device is the most difficult. For that, today we discuss in the two methods for finding wifi password on the Android device. One for root user and another unroot user. However, on the play store, you can find a lot of app for showing your wifi password on the android without root permission but believe me, no app can help you to find your wifi password by using the app on your Android device without root permission. So, don’t waste your time showing wifi password on unroot device. Read some more content from our WiFi catetory.

How to wifi password show no root device

Here we discuss in two methods for finding the wifi password on your Android device. If you want to find your wifi password without root your device you need to follow 1st one. But if you want to show wifi password by using the app, then you just need to root on your device. Now read the full content. If you have a PC too. Then maybe you are searching how to wifi password show on PC.

Wifi password show without root

First, make sure that what Router you are using for Wireless network. Like I am using the TP-Link Wireless Router. So, now you need to open the TP-Link admin panel. For that, you need to open an android browser or google chrome on your smartphone that ware now connected with your Wireless Router. Now type on the opening browser this following address / After submitting this address on the browser, then you can see a window that required you to submit your Router username and password.

wifi password show show on android

Now you need to submit your router username and password, most of the router has a default username and which is username: admin and password: admin. Then click on the log in button from this screen. After that then you need to click on the Wireless option form the page, you can find this option from the right side of the screen. Then click on the Wireless security option. At this page, you can see your wireless password.

show wifi password for Android by router

We know that we have a lot of Mac users. So please if you need to know about How to find WiFi Password On Mac. You can read the linked article also!

Wifi password show apk

On the play store, you can find many wifi password show app, but many of them are fake or doesn’t work correctly, for that peoples waste their time by tying this app. However, for showing connected wifi password on the android phone, your phone must be rooted. So the first root your phone then try to Wifi password show by android phone.

WiFi Password show apk

First, you need to download and install wifi password show apk from play store then open this app. Choose any good application by reading user reviews and ratings. If the app needs root permission, so please give the permission. So give root permission. Then you can see your all connect wifi name with the wifi password. Another related informative writing based tips for how to find WiFi password on Windows PC.

Hope now you ware successfully wifi password show no root android device. But for Wifi password showing on the android device without root permission, you just need to follow the 1st method. Because, if you ware follow the 2nd method for finding the wifi password you just need to root access. So 1st root your android device then try to find wifi password by following 2nd method. If you ware using windows 10 and you want to know how to find wifi password on Windows 10, then you can follow this one.

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