Skyrim Cheats for PC | Cheat Codes, Item Codes, and Commands

Elder Scrolls V Skyrim is a single player RPG game. It was developed by Bethesda Game Studios. This is an adventurous game that has lots of excellent characters and actions. But, if you can’t play it easily, then you could use some cheat codes instead. However, unlock lots of skill and power and get much more amazing cool features of this game with these cheat codes.

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The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim PC Cheats

Hit Tilde (~) to bring up the developer console and then enter these codes for preferred effects:


This mode is called the God Mode that makes the game character completely invulnerable to everything. It even enables to carry infinite weight and make god-like.


Use this code to gain ability like climbing. That is because it lets the gaming character to walk through walls, ceilings, mountains, etc.


If you can’t find the vital key, then open the console and click on the chest or door you want to unlock. Then type “Unlock” into the console.


With the help of this cheat code, you will be able to use all the spells.


It enables the player to automatically gain one level.


Use this code to automatically complete all the stages of your primary quest.


You can adjust the way your character looks just like you did at the start of Skyrim with this code. But, this will reset your level and skills.

player.modav skill X

Modify skill of your game with this code. Now, skills are inputted via their in-game names without spaces. However, apart from Archery which is “Marksman”, and Speech, which is known as “Speechcraft”.

player.additem 0000000f ###

Get gold in a simple way with it between the numbers of 001 and 999.

Final Words

These cheats are for PC users and work perfectly. But, if you want to turn the effects off, then you have to enter those codes second time that’s it.

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