Some Bad Effects Of Using Social Networks Excessively

Only the victim can feel the terrible effect of social media like FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Sometimes politicians and famous persons also make them controversial by sharing various absurd opinion and comments.

The popularity and usability of social media are now going forward like a rocket! With this increase, some unconsciousness users are sharing their status update without deeply thinking about it. The tendency to express feelings has been created it is published without thinking it.

Make Yourself Safe From The Bad Effect Of Social Networks

Many peoples are flashed their simple quarrel with friends on social media directly. But did you think that such kinds of a sudden status update will complicate your problems more and more?

At present, there are more than 3.5 billion peoples of this planate are using social media. And the number of users is growing incrementally. It has been said, the social media are the weapon for a citizen of society to openly sharing this opinion about anything of our daily life.

And frankly, it has to be acknowledged that much social welfare has been achieved through social media. But the poison it delivered on our natural social life it could be more dangerous than the achievements.

Many people think that social media will greatly reduce their stress. And if you are one of them. Then you have bad news. And you are standing on the wrong information.

Because according to social scientists, actually social media cannot remove or reduce your stress. Rather, more mental stress increases!

Social media is not the only creates mental obsessions. It has a great impact on push you on physical illness too!

It is a universal truth and you also know that the violet ray of the mobile and laptop screens is frequently damaging your power of the eye.

So it is proved on various experiment that the peoples who are more active on social media. They are more inactive in regular life.

It is not a good idea to focus more on social media. In this way,y we are neglecting our true social life.

You have been seen that recently there are terrorism has emerged dangerously. Do you know that social media has a major role in collecting peoples and pushing them to terrorism?

Because terrorist organizations are using social networking to collect members and fighters for making noise on our peaceful social life.


Although social media is making us like a robot. And creating a lot of new problems. But we can say in emphasis that it is another blessing of science if we can make sure that its good use in our daily life. And, you should understand that addiction is bad for ourselves. So we need to control using them.

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