Star VPN for Windows PC and MacBook Download For Unblock Websites

Are you looking for the star VPN for your PC? Here are the details for you to get it easily in the best way. Don’t look overlook as you are going to have all the information here. So come to know how to set up Star VPN for Windows. Well, first of all, it is an Android application for a virtual private network.

Star VPN For Android

Get Star VPN for MacOS

This application enables the optimum security for internet connection also lets you allow access to blocked websites and apps. This app crosses the geographical barrier and removes the firewalls from the internet.

We know that there are some apps which comes to blocked by Government varies from country to country. In that case, VPN allows you to get access over there and let your work done. More specifically, it alters the virtual location of your PC and link to a proxy server along with the different location.

All in one VPN Solution for PC/Windows: also it’s free!

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Download Star VPN for Windows PC and MacBook

How it works

This application finds out the location that suited the best nearest proxy server of your PC or smartphones. It connects through the one link. Don’t forget to turn on the toggle so it will automatically connect with your smartphone or any devices. NO registration/login or configuration is required for that. So it finds the best proxy server by default. On the other hand, you can also change the location of yours form the proxy server whenever you want to customize it.

Keep in mind that the VPN client is different from other apps as we know that other VPN apps allow us to connect VPN service, but once you use the Star VPN, you can select the apps whichever network service you want. So, it becomes handy for us when we use mobile data.

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Follow these simple steps to install Star VPN for Windows PC

Step 1:

At first, you need to finish the download and install a BluStacks Emulator on your PC.

Step 2:

Once you have completed your downloading session now you need to install them on your PC. You can follow the on-screen guide to install the Bluestacks on PC.

Download Link

Step 3:

In your desktop, you can easily see the icon of the emulator. So double click the icon over there and open the Emulator.

Step 4:

At the top corner, you may see the search icon. Use that icon and hit the enter with the word “Star VPN“. Afterward, you can see the search result.

how to findout Star VPN app for pc Windows and Mac

Step 5:

Now, time to click on the icon of the app. After clicking on it, it will ask permission to you to enable the app store. So just click on the continue option to enable it.

Step 6:

Once you enable it, then it will further ask you to enter Google Account. So you now need to enter your GMAIL details so you can use the Google Play Store.

Step 7:

After finishes the Gmail ID information, you can now proceed to the installation page. Now the time comes up to click on the install button to get your Star VPN for PC.

Step 8:

Now, go and surf the homepage of Bluestacks. There you will find the My Apps option so click over there. After that, you will see the Star VPN app. So just click over there at the icon to use it from your PC.


Congrats! you ‘ve finished the journey to have Star VPN for windows. Hope you have got this article pretty easy to install the VPN. We’ve shared you the best way to get this VPN.

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