TeamViewer Alternatives Free Download: 10+ Remote Desktop App

After long time research, Our experts are picked some best TeamViewer alternatives for free download. Even most of them are open source. There is no question about the popularity of TeamViewer for desktop sharing application platform.

It is one of the earliest developed application that most people think of whenever they want to control the systems remotely. People are using it for conducting online meetings and support each other in real time.

As you know that every application has some cons so as the TeamViewer has. It has encountered many controversies if you go back to 2016. During that timeline, it was hacked internally. Therefore, many users lost their control over the PC. As a result, they have lost their data from Computer. However, the company refused to take any allegation for that.

If you are having problem with the Teamviewer application with the probable threat of your privacy, then you need to move on with the most secure platform. On the other hand, what Teamviewer offer you in regards to performance and service, you can not sacrifice them.

On the other hand, there are several scammers around the web, so they often attack the Achilles heel of this application.

Best TeamViewer Alternatives Free Download

We know about this, so we have brought the eight best application like Teamviewer, which suited the best alternatives to you.

These are mostly open source, compatible with Windows, Linux, and iOS.

#1 VNC Connect

Industry trends are driving towards the remote access applications which offer security at the first phase.  VNC connect is now one of the reliable application that does not only offer security but also has a number of facilities that expand the business ecosystems.

They are using the latest version 6+ of their cross-platform remote access software for commercial and personal use. Their founders are the original inventors of VNC. It has been 25 years since they came as an award-winning software.

How does it work?

VNC Connect has it’s own technological advancement while providing remote assistance; it is called VNC technology.
How does it work VNC Connect

Like all other application, it offers screen sharing technology that supports in Windows, OS X, Linux, and even Android and iOS. It deploys the VNC/RFB protocol with a view to providing secure and fast access from anywhere.

VNC Connect offers three different versions these are:

  1. open edition
  2. professional edition
  3. enterprise edition

Open edition of VNC Connect is free for everyone, but it has minimal features. So you can not transfer the file that is secured along with 128 bits AES encryption. On the other hand, the professional edition offers remote printing and file transfer options. Then the Enterprise edition is a good fit for medium to large companies to enhance their work remotely. Remember that with the enterprise edition, they offer 256 bits AES, team management options, dedicated support, centralized deployment, and lock down configuration.

Visit: Official Download Page

#2 Chrome Remote Desktop

Google Chrome Remote Desktop could be your remote assistance by a desktop sharing process called Chromoting. With the help of this application, both parties can access mutually to their desktop. Also, they can share and transfer their particular files.

This one is very easy to set up and configure. If you are a chrome user, you can download an extension from the browser. Again, it is free, and with any operating system platform, you can use it comfortably.

Quick Overview of Chrome Remote Desktop

  • Windows, Linux, and Mac, computers can install Chrome Remote Desktop
  • Also, Works between Android OS that installs the APK from the Google Play Store.
  • iOS users install  it using the mobile app from iTunes
  • Both spontaneous support and unattended access are supported

Cons: No file transfer support

#3 Supremo Remote Desktop

Nanosystems developed Supremo remote desktop application which does not require any firewall or router configuration. Many people can come under the same umbrella and share files using a few simple drags and drop feature. As it is packed with an efficient data transfer protocol, it doesn’t hassle you to the technical configuration. That’s why it made simple the operation stuff to its users, and many people use it for this reason as well.

Also, in this application, you may find an integrated chat application that allows you to communicate with your team members while they are connected. Since security concern is a significant issue for remote desktop application, Supremo has AES 256-bit encryption. Again it generates the random 4-digit password in the control session. By the way, you can manually set up a better and stronger password to keep your device safe by blocking particular IDs.

#4 AnyDesk

AnyDesk is a popular platform for offering low latency, that means they provide data transmission without any delay. On the other hand, they provide this low latency support within a weak internet connection. We know every remote assistant software comes with a different method and unique support to keep abreast with the fast-growing competition. Hence their main weapon is low latency support even in weak internet connection.

Moreover, it offers a recording of the remote session to keep extra security to you. This remote application is compatible with Android, Linux, and FreeBSD; therefore, you need to think about the compatibility. Again, this is free for personal and non-commercial users.

#5 Remmina

Without a bit of doubt, Remmima is the best open source, remote desktop assistant. They offer secure, free, and designed specially to fulfill the necessity of system admins, who are working remotely. It supports dozens of protocols, including RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol), VNC, DXMCP, NX, SPICE, and SSH.

For Ubuntu, it was far possible to provide a default desktop sharing, whereas the version is 11.4 (Natty Narwhal). Also, include them in the package like repositories for Debian. But Remmina supports it, and it can easily allow it’s user to drag and drop the file transferring using AES-256 encryption.  As it has AES-256 bit encryption, it can support the most secure data transmission like other rival service providers.

If you want to establish a connection with Remmima, you will require to define the connection parameters along with the protocol you want to use. Also, you can easily use other additional parameters to qualify your connection or color recognition.

#6 TigerVNC

The name VNC itself is a technology to provide the remote desktop application. TigerVNC is configured with never-released VNC-4 edition so you can see that they have this edition especially for them. If you want to have it on your PC then you can simply go to the GitHub release page and download it. So definitely, it is an open source remote desktop application and it has a simple and clean interface.

In order to establish the connection, you first require to enter the IP from the remote server manually. Afterward, you may need to define the data compression rate along with color depths. As long is ensured, TigerVNC uses TLS encryption to safeguard your data. It also supports an extension for providing additional security.

TigerVNC specification is organized by the frbproto project as we have shared about VNC Connect that is from the same project platform.

Pros: Open Source

Cons: No File transfer support

#7 UltraVNC

UltraVNC is an open-source remote desktop application only for Windows compatibility. As it is a VNC based technology, so it uses Remote Frame Buffer Protocol (RFB). With this RFB platform, users get easy access to remote desktops.

The whole procedure is engaged by cloning the remote desktop’s display and transmitting keyboard and cursor activities from the two gateway. One is from the user’s desktop, and another is from the remote computer. But to perform this, both of the stations should have VNC protocol.

Who can use this platform?

  • Help desk (Internal External)
  • Remote Computer Access
  • IT departments
  • Remote Computer Support companies
  • eLearning, classroom control
  • Remote demonstration

Cons: Only performed by the Windows Operating System.

#8 Mikogo

Mikogo is a multi-platform remote desktop screen share application. It allows switch presenter, cross-platform, voice and video conferencing, session scheduler, multi-user whiteboard, file transferring, chatting, and session recording. So you can see that their service platform is quite extensive.

This company bring and add a lot of features that are essential for commercial use, mostly. Suppose whenever you are setting up a meeting with several people, remotely screen share is a problem indeed. Hence, Mikogo allows transferring the screen share one by one based on cross-platform service.

Mikogo is offering it’s service as open source for personal users also. Commercial users have extensive subscriptions plans depends on the service platform according to their demands.

#9 TightVNC

TightVNC is renowned for its cross-platform and open source desktop screen sharing services, which ensures RFB (Remote framebuffer). Many desktops remote control software only kept as open source for personal use whereas, they are giving free service for commercial as well.

TightVNC the name itself expresses that it uses the tight encoding technique. That technique amazingly reduces the data sizes and for that, it can improve the overall performance. Especially, when it comes to low latency bandwidth internet connection.

Key features:

  • Free for commercial and personal usage along with full source code
  • Useful in tech support, administration work, education, and other usage
  • Cross-platform is available for Unix, Windows, and Java client is included
  • Compatible with moderate VNC application and has an RFB protocol.

#10 BeAnyWhere

Do you ever want to think of fix any device problem remotely and in real time? BeAnywhere is from that platform so that you can fix the device problem even you are far away. The whole process is easy, effective within running this powerful application that supports from accessing an unattended function.

This platform allows you to set up an admin team or individual who will provide the technical support to fix devices remotely. Apart from this, it includes VoIP, file transferring, chat, and multiple sessions. To ensure security, it provides TLS and AES encryption.

Imagine you are far away from the team, and you are the main administrator; hence, you can access remotely as a captain and fix up the devices problem or any other technical issues. Therefore, this app is pretty popular for the software developing company or the IT firms.

They offer two subscription process

  • Take Control
  • Take Control Plus

#11 LogMeIn Pro For Free!

LogMeIn Pro is a powerful tool when it comes to desktop sharing service, and it is a US-based SaaS company. With the help of this platform, users can comfortably access to their documents what is stored remotely and share to collaborate with their colleagues. The sharing options support any devices and any operating systems whatever it is Windows, Linux, or iOS. Also, the users can print any documents whenever he is not even available in his office.

They also provide some advanced technical support to them who switch to Premium version from free. Therefore, many users at first take the free trial and whenever understand the benefits of this application then move on to the premium or paid version.

Being an admin or the owner, you should be connected with other team members to see what is happening in your office. Keeping this in mind. LogMeIn Pro designed virtual remote desktop’s connection software with three paid version offerings to a small, medium, and large company or enterprise.

#12 GoToMyPC

GoToMyPC is a unique platform from others as they are providing browser-based application so that one can access remotely through a secure connection.  Here in this application, you can easily transfer your files and also listen to what is in your voicemail. If you want to kickstart this application, then you need to start with GoToMyPC online account.

Once you have finished the account sign up, you can choose three different Professional platforms, Pro, and Corporate. These three platforms are providing the three different extensive services to you, and it depends on your demand indeed.

So you can see it is fast, reliable and also an alternative to Teamviewer.


Here are the most reliable desktop remote assistant application, which is the best alternative to Teamviewer. Depends on some criteria such as pricing and services category you can use them on your personal or commercial usage.

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