Tubio For PC Windows 10/Mac –Download To Cast Web Videos on TV

Tubio For PC Windows

The Tubio app is excellent for stream music and website videos on your TV by PC wirelessly. If you want to stream video on your TV, then Tubio software is for you. You can also enjoy Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, etc different audio/video website from this app.

Download TV Software

Features of Tubio App

Below, you can find some important feature of this app.

  • Easily configuration system
  • You can use this as a TV remote
  • Pause, play, seek or stop are included
  • You can use multiple TV with this app.
  • No need setup and pairing

Download and Use Tubio on PC (Mac/Windows)

An Emulator needed for use this application on your PC. Using emulator, download the Tubio on your PC. For use this app you have to connect both devices in one internet connectivity. You can stream your video by PC after connecting both devices.

Download Emulator From Here.

Most of the people are using Tubio app on PC to stream video. You can also use this easily just install this and enjoy.

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