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TuneIn App is an American radio station where they broadcast live news, radio, sports, music, and podcast. More than 100K stations are available on this App. This App will suggest location-based radio channels. It’s users able to choose the specific music genre, and they set the stations based favourite genre. More than 55 vehicle models are available on this App. Users can get more features to using TuneIn for PC.

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TuneIn App – The store of the largest radio station

They have four million on-demand programs and podcasts from over the world. Users also find here a lot of categories channel like Sports, News, Podcasts, etc. They will pick from their preferred channel. Anyone can easily find it for Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, or any other mobile device. This App is also run on smart TVs.

What’s are The Main Features

After joining this App, they will find a lot of radio channels that they have need. Firstly, It suggests the listener on location-based channels. But if anyone hears any worldwide channel, they will find it from the search option. After the successful customer respond, they launched their premium subscription for more channels and more services. This App is available two types of paid subscriptions that is “TuneIn Radio Pro” and “TuneIn Live.”

TuneIn Radio Pro has a one-time fee system. Basically, It’s like TuneIn free app, but after the subscription, users can listen to the program without banner ad and pre-roll ad. They added an additional feature for the subscriber that is the recording system.

For premium subscribers, they will get live NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL games and more than 600 commercial-free music stations with standard free service. The subscriber can be logging on their account Premium both on the TuneIn Radio Pro app.

How to Download TuneIn for PC

This App is only available for windows 10. But if anyone wants to use it other versions of Windows 7 or 8, they will do it from download en emulator. Simply download and install the App as like other apps.

Download for windows 10

Download the Emulator


  • Available more than 100k stations with the free version.
  • Have an option to save the favorite streams.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • No picture advertisements or popups ads appear on the mobile App.


  • Radio service only, users cannot listen to specific songs.
  • Their Performance bugs can sometimes affect the streaming services.


This is the best audio application over the world. A massive number of podcasts, audio, and radio stations are available on this App. Users can easily set favorite radio stations or any podcast from the App.  They provide three types of services.  Anyone can get free or paid (TuneIn Radio Pro and TuneIn Live), as they like.

So, if you are looking for the best online radio stations, TuneIn for pc will be one of the best choices. In leisure time, it will be provided an enjoyable moment.

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