Guide To Download Ultrasurf For PC Windows 10 and macOS

Ultrasurf app is one of the most popular and best apps for using the proxy and hide IP. It provides to bypass the internet censorship securely and freely. This app available on the play store only the beta version, but if you want to download Ultrasurf for pc, then it requires an android emulator. Without emulator, can’t use it on your pc. By using the emulator, it will be usable and can be used on windows 7, 8, and 10 pc and chrome.

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Ultrasurf (beta) app – Unlimited Free VPN Proxy

This app develops with the “Ultrareach” team for the android device to use the internet securely. It is used to free without logins. It is one of the best apps for access to unblock the site.

How does the app work?

This app specially made for using the VPN. It provides to use your favorite location IP by selecting the location from the app. if you want to access the blocked websites, then this app can help to access the site.

It also provides access to internet browsing securely and hides the IP address. This app works on every network without a single problem, like 3G, 4G, and WiFi, etc. but for using the app, it doesn’t require registrations, logins, and bandwidth limitations.

What’s are The Main Features of Ultrasurf Unlimited Free VPN Proxy

This app has many features. Fast and free VPN proxy: this app provides free VPN proxy, so don’t need to pay anything to use it. No registrations and No logins: for using this app, don’t need to register. Without registration and logins can use it. On this app, no bandwidth limitation.

FWhat’s are The Main Features of Ultrasurf Unlimited Free VPN Proxy

Secure the connections on the public WiFi hotspots, and hide IP to browse the web privately & anonymously. It is working on all mobile data carriers. Support proxies (HTTP and Socks).

Pros of the Beta app

  • No registrations
  • No logins
  • No bandwidth limitations
  • No trials
  • All mobile data carriers

Cons of the app

  • Sometimes it is showing some ads

How to Download Ultrasurf for pc

For using this app on the windows pc or Pac, it requires to install emulation. So, 1st downloads the emulation from the link. Although this app available pc version. If download the pc version, don’t need to install the emulator. So, you can also download the pc version.

How to use on Chrome

This app is also available for chrome browser. For that, 1st go to the chrome and click on the extension option. Go to the extension store and search the “Ultrasurf.” Then click on the add option to add it to the chrome.

Ultrasurf on Chrome WebStore

I hope to download the Ultrasurf for pc and use it by using an emulator. It is essential that, without an emulator, you can’t use it. However, it secures your connections on public WiFi hotspots, hides your IP to browse the web privately & anonymously.

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