Upwork New Rules & Download Upwork Software #Important For Newbie

Nowadays Upwork is one of the most popular platforms for freelancers. Most of the freelancers are started working on Upwork firstly to improve his professional life. During this month yesterday, Upwork has updated its policy for the new workers. Mainly, I will discuss the a to z information about the new update of Upwork.

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The Old Rules of Upwork

To bidding on a job you need to collect some points and these points are known as “connects”. According to the old rules, you can apply to any jobs. Because if you are able to activate your ID. Then upowrk give you some “connects” to cost them by bidding on various jobs.

And, every active ID gets a minimum of 60 points for two months. Even the agencies are getting about 80 points. The costs these points for bidding on the job posts.

As a result, old and new all the freelancers are able to apply to get new jobs without charge.

But the bad news is that an email found on the inbox of every upwork freelancers. And, the email was sent by the Upwork management team.

This mail about the new policy of upwork. Now we are going to discuss the new rules.

What’s New On The New Rules

New policy update is now a buzz word on the freelancer community! Actually, it is totally related to the “connects” or points. The points you are received free from the Upwork, these are not available from May-June 2019!!

So you can not get free points for applying to the jobs. Because from the next fiscal year, you need to cost money for bidding on Jobs. I mean, freelancers will buy the points from Upwork to collect points. To buy per connect you need to cost $0.15.

new rules of upwork

But you don’t need to cost money when your client/buyer directly offered you jobs. And the freelancer plus members are getting 70 connects for free every month. And maximum they reserved 140 as unused on their profile.

So you can understand that only the new members need to costs money! The freelance experts are hopeful for new rules to prevent spamming on Upwork.

Download The Newest and Official Version Of Upwork Software for PC?

Free download and install desktop software. If you have already used the old versions. So please remove it. Here is the latest version. To install it on your PC like Windows, Linux, and Mac you can follow this link.

For Windows users, run the EXE setup file as an administrator to perfectly install it on Windows PC.

Maybe your antivirus pc software will block the installation. But don’t worry about it. Just turn off the antivirus for a few minutes and setup it successfully.

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Hope the above discussion and information has helped you a lot. The new rules must help to prevent spam apply. But some hard for the newbie freelancers. In average, this new policy will be activated on the 2019/20 fiscal year. Must download the Upwork software if you are a new freelancer. Wish you good luck. Happy freelancing!!


  • John Sam

    very helpful for the newbie. Thanks for the latest information about the freelancing.

  • Jay

    Hi Muhammad Saif,

    Thanks for sharing this information. I am not when you posted this in 2019 or 2020 but as a tech services provider my company is not registered on upwork though we are thinking of getting ourselves registered on upwork. I didn’t know we need to spend money to bid on work openings.


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