Best Free Virtual Credit Card That works in 2019 #Get Instant!

Going somewhere for traveling or business purpose and sending fund at the same time was impossible a few years back. But with Virtual Credit Card it is possible now.

Whenever you purchase something from a big online market like Amazon you use your credit card. Once you approve your card over there it seems your company is renowned and also authorized.

What is a Virtual Credit Card?

interface of a Virtual Credit Card

The term VCC is not a new one if you have an online experience to buy something you must hear of it. So this card is randomly generated number along with our actual credit card. More specifically, it depends on the issuer so one can able to set the charge there using it. Furthermore, it is secure and authorized as well. So once you have it you don’t go straight to the purchase center in a body rather than you can order them from online.

Here are the advantages of using Virtual Credit Card

VCC processing has become the heart of any business in order to make a good payment solution. Transact24’s transaction process sits between your bank and your website. So that you can get a bridge from it also you can safeguard the security of your customers and the details of payment. They also accept the payment from card including Mastercard, Visa card and China UnionPay. The whole transaction process makes sure different currencies issues. All of it would be possible in real time operation without any delay.

  • This are the form of Mastercard where you work you can make a secure transaction using it
  • There are no credit checks essential for it so it allows an opening for anyone without any credit history
  • This card is basically for prepaid usage so you can use it’s MasterCard so it limits the risk of theft or fraud
  • The card is virtual so one can manage existing card numbers and request another one from anyplace, using any electronic devices.
  • This company is using the latest internet security and update for providing the standard services to its users
  • The time of loading is instant and a user can load funds right away.
  • It converts to the local currencies automatically across the world.

Top Free Virtual Credit Card that everyone should know

Best Free Virtual Credit Card

#1. Neteller

Neteller Logo

Neteller is one of the fast and secure growing companies that was founded in 1999 with the hand of Paysafe Financial Services Limited. The time that company established has offered with traditional transaction system and soon after bring on the online alternative. Besides the company is authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority in the Uk.

Neteller prepaid cards are for the gaming sites and they offer a host of security features so you can keep your personal information secure. The card, you can use in ATMs for the withdrawal and this is an added advantage.

Services they provide

Withdrawing, adding and transferring funds across the world throughout the merchants and other Neteller customers are their main services.

How you can generate Virtual Credit Card like Neteller

  • Go through this site for Signing UP
  • Fill out the required details over there
  • Click the open account
  • To get a confirmation mail open your mail
  • Signing in the mail inbox link
  • Fill out the login details and sign in
  • Click the Money option
  • Now choose one of your preferred methods and add the minimum fund option
  • After the selection, you may find the Net+Cards link at the left side of the screen
  • Now select the Net+Virtual Prepaid Mastercard
  • Click for adding a card
  • Select your currency and keep in mind that the currency exchange rate fee would be 3.99% whereas the currency conversion
  • Place the name of your card, it is optional
  • Now you can see that the 16-digit card number will appear with the security code (CVV) also it will have the expiry date (this will begin after when you generate the Net+ Prepaid Mastercard)
  • Now feel free to use that Net+Virtual generated card number


Neteller doesn’t provide their services to a few specific countries whereas you can not access to their services. Those countries are here:

Country-wise Availablity

1.      Afghanistan2.      Benin3.      Bonaire
4.      Burundi5.      The central African Republic6.      Chad
7.      Congo (Republic)8.      Crimea9.      Cuba
10.  Djibouti11.  Equatorial Guinea12.  Eritrea
13.  Gabon14.  The Gambia15.  Guinea
16.  Guinea-Bissau17.  Guyana18.  Iran
19.  Iraq20.  Kazakhstan21.  Kyrgyzstan
22.  Lao People’s Democratic Republic23.  Liberia24.  Libya
25.  Madagascar26.  Malawi27.  Nauru
28.  Niger29.  Niue30.  Norfolk Island
31.  North Korea32.  Palau33.  Papua New Guinea
34.  Saint Barthelemy35.  Saint Kitts and Nevis36.  Saint Martin
37.  Sint Maarten38.  Sierra Leone39.  Sudan (North and South)
40.  Suriname41.  Syria42.  Tajikistan
43.  Timor-Leste44.  Togo45.  Turkmenistan
46.  Uzbekistan47.  Western Sahara48.  Yemen
49.  Mali50.  Mauritania51.  Mongolia
52.  Montserrat53.  Myanmar

#2 Privacy

Are you the Netflix and Spotify lover and want to buy the credit from Virtual Credit card? In that case, Privacy would be the best choice for you. As it is exclusively providing the service to top up your Netflix and Spotify subscription.


The availability of this VCC is only in the USA and mostly among the Netflix and Spotify users.

How to sign up?

Signing up to Privacy is pretty easy and simple. You will just need internet access and go to the website and sign up from your email and password. After that, you will receive an email over there and get started.

#3 EntroPay

Entropay founded in 2003, the first European virtual credit card. They offer convenient and secure transaction solution and keep abreast with the other services like Visa or Mastercard. Their payment is accepted online and over the mobile phone. They developed with a view to providing the payment method that will eliminate the user’s hassles. Those hassles would be associated with receiving and sending the online payments. As a first virtual credit card company, they especially provide their services to those who are unable to perform any online transactions.

Once you have the Entropay, you can use it’s virtual credit cards for shopping. Again, you can create multiple cards in EUR, GBP or USD. You can also load funds from Entropay to your desired bank accounts or any other virtual cards. The whole process will be done by a few clicks so it’s so easy and fast. Moreover, you can have the facilities to spend money instantly wherever you want them to spend.

One of the major aces of EntroPay is they do not charge for interest, limit fees or any late repayment. Also, you will have access in the cloud with the fullest control wherever and however you want to make your payment. For that, millions of merchants worldwide are using their services.

How one can generate the VCC from Entropay

  • Simply go to the Entropay site
  • Fill out the details form over there
  • Once you click on the submit option, you will get an email
  • Check your mailbox
  • Click here on the “Cards” of the navigation menu
  • Click on the “Create Card”
  • Now type your “Card NickName”
  • Then “Create”
  • Now you have created VCC for Entropay.

Top UP EntroPay

Unlike Bank Account, EntroPay is basically a prepaid card so you need to top up if you want to spend them. In order to top up them just click on the “Top up Card” and now you can choose any of the methods out of it. So, fill out the details accordingly before that, you need to finish the top up. And, once you have finished the top up you will receive the card number (CVV number). Now you can use them for any online payments.

Why people Use EntroPay

The main reason people use EntroPay because they are faster in comparison with PayPal and other Virtual Card. Whenever you will make any transaction over there you need to fill in you’re all of your personal information over there but in EntroPay you don’t have to do so for that.

Finally, you need to do it simply: type and input your username correctly with the password.

Another virtual card has some issue as many people don’t want to keep their personal data when they make an online transaction. They think it is a security theft. EntroPay also came to the European with a view to keep their information more secret as the EU committee is very strict to keep them secret.

EntroPay makes the transaction viable in many currencies for that many people love to use this. Suppose you have dollars in your account that is your currencies but you can send pounds to the UK. That’s a very tricky part of their business and come out popular for the users.

Availability of EntroPay

EntroPay is basically European Virtual Credit Card online transaction company, therefore, they provide there mostly. The countries are mentioned below:

Aland IslandsPortugalEstonia
ItalySlovakiaFrench Guiana
LatviaSloveniaFrench Polynesia
MaltaCanary IslandsGuadeloupe
NetherlandsCzech RepublicSweden
PolandDenmarkUnited Kingdom

#4 Payoneer

Payoneer would be a great platform for a virtual credit card. Why is it so? Because it is widely used across the world for 200 countries. This 200 countries you will have the integrated payout services along with the personal payouts. More specifically, the payouts can be possible within 2 hours of the transaction which is pretty fast and secure. Once you get the fund over there you can purchase online in stores through the Mastercard of it.

A big number of leading corporations like Amazon, Airbnb, Google, Getty images and few freelance marketplaces like Upwork depends on Payoneer’s mass payout services. From it, the can send the funds to that card. Whenever the company send the fund or receive the funds directly Payoneer account numbers were stored there very securely.

Using the Payoneer account, users can able to enjoy the flexibility of choosing the gateway of funds, what best suits them. Again, there is a withdrawal option available through Payoneer in the local bank so it’s a great facility indeed. Why only Bank account withdraws, in addition, you can withdraw your money from ATM Booth as well using the Mastercard.

How anyone can simply apply for a Payoneer VCC Online?

Applying for it is easy and simple just like for other virtual credit cards. It requires to log in to the online account along with the Payoneer mass payment company. Select Payoneer as one of your payment methods. Now you will be redirected to the application page.

For the freelancers who have an ID on Upwork marketplace, he will attach your Upwork Id with Payoneer account and after a certain duration, Upwork will send you the card to you.

#5 Worldcore

Worldcore established in 2014, this is a worldwide payment service make viable to send and receive local and international payment. They have presented a great idea to ensure maximum security. For example, The outgoing payments need additional one-time code authorization that is finished by the e-mail or SMS.

Do you want a prepaid debit card within 24 hours? Then word core can facilitate with you this. The card can provide you the fund from any bank account instantly. Furthermore, it offers to solve transaction for wages, incentives, salaries and many more.

Approve payment Globally-24hours

They manage your business by converging the financial flows into a one-stop placement and diverge in new horizon across the world. According to our research on the Internet, a huge number of offline and online businesses are taking services from the Worldcore. Today, people are enjoying the comforts of their financial services.

Benefits of Worldcore

  • Fast access to Global payments
  • Simple and convenient online payment methods
  • Their security windows motivate businesses rather than complicating the financial

#6 Netspend

Netspend is very popular for US people as a virtual credit card. They are offering Visa prepaid debit cards, Master card and business prepaid card solutions in the United States. The company has approximately 68 million users there and those people don’t have any traditional bank account. So they alternatively rely on the online banking method.

Netspend has a nationwide network and that is huge indeed. They have 70000 different distribution locations and also 130000 reload points for consumers, where they can purchase and reload Netspend card.

How to open a Netspend Account?

You have already come to know the great use of NetSpend and now you want to open an account for yourself right? Well, opening up an account is pretty simple. In order to open an account, you just need to provide your name, address and your email address. On Netspend website you may get a number of packages based on features and benefits. When you make up your mind about which one will be better for you then click the sign-up button and fill out all that information.

The second step is to create a username and password along with security question. Once you get the process done, log in the portal for customers after that want one of your NetSpend cards. After the successful completion, you may get the card within 10 days.

How to use Netspend Cards
In the US, many people use this just because of the mass availability of it. For example, wherever you go for shopping, refill your gas tank, withdraw from ATMs and pay any online bills. They charge $1 for any transaction via credit card and even higher charge for the debit card that is $2. Again, there is a charge for ATMs but it varies from different location based on local to international and the ranges from $1-$2 dollars.

Are you preparing to be big fish for Netspend?

Then you can upgrade your subscription to the FeeAdvantage plan which may charge $5 to $9 in a month.

#7 Transact24

Transact24 offers its consumer a great solution verifying white label prepaid cards, which offers a fast and simple program. This service is for the co-branded prepaid cards and prepaid payroll cards. These programs pave the way for the visa network worldwide using the ATM and rRetail.

T24 has brought the complimentary priority pass membership as a world’s first prepaid program: it allows the connection with visa prepaid card directly. Another benefit of it that the transaction with the 600 airport lounges worldwide. It helps to tailor the high net worth market as it offers the load limit up to 50,000 USD.

Advantages include

Load limit: 50,000 (In USD)

Daily ATM limit: USD 6,000

Spend Limit: USD 20,000 (Per Day)

Priority Pass membership has access to VIP airport lounges worldwide

These prepaid cards are non-rechargeable and non-reloadable so it works like other regular debit or credit card in order to make a purchase online. Again, you can make a transaction without having the physical card so it’s a preload virtual card. Consequently, the user may have better and direct control over making business easier. So, they can instantly and efficiently spend money on business around the world. A virtual prepaid card like this is accepted anywhere in the world, however, issued in a number of main currencies.

#8 Spectrocard

Want to get rid of your bank account dependency for the real-time business? In that case, Spectrocard is a great virtual credit card. It will remove the dependency from your bank and remove the barriers whenever you are traveling. Furthermore, it helps to send fund conveniently as it is accepted at more than 30 million places around the world.

Spectrocard brings the solution for medium, and small business, and enterprises. This is for those who were willing to issue permanent or temporary payment cards to their business clients, partners, and employees. The company believes in the feasibility, and flexibility of SpectroCard that really help to bring business For SMEs.

Spectrocard features and services

  • MasterCard
  • Visa Card
  • Mobile Recharge Card
  • Play Store Card


So, here you have come to know the top Virtual Credit Card that is widespread across the world and how you can use them. We do believe that we can deliver you the great information in your footsteps. The importance of them is multiple that is included here but not limited to.

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