Best Windows 10 Skins Packs and Themes To Enhance User Experience

More then a decade has gone since we’ve first started using Windows on our computers. The more day are passing by, the more conscious we are becoming to use the operating system more organized way. Among many platforms of Windows, the Windows 10 is the latest and popular one. Keeping this to mind, people are taking action about Windows 10 skin. The parent company, Microsoft, are offering the latest skin every year.

The skin of your computer has a vital role in terms of beauty. As the theme or skin is the latest trends to keep update, therefore, you should think about it. Many years ago people were following wallpapers now the place engulfed by the skin. So Microsoft is more conscious of providing effective themes or skins.

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Best Windows 10 Skins

Well, if you come to this page to look for the Best Windows 10 themes, you are on the right track. We are here to tell you the best skins and it depends on you which one you are going to choose finally.

Best Windows 10 Skins Packs and Themes To Enhance User Experience

These are the best for this year and if you want to know about it more experience our wonderful write-up.

#1 Mac OS X El Capitan

The name itself represents what type of skin it would be. Well, if you are using Windows 10 but want your desktop to look like Mac then you can use this super cool skin on your Pc/Laptop. This skin is vivid on the screen and one can see through comfortably with it. Once you have this skin on your desktop, it will feel you out of the world. If you love Mac OS but having a Windows one then don’t think again to install it.

#2 StartIsBack

Are you missing your old buddy that is Windows 7? If you install the Windows 10 and then think about your old buddy Windows 7.

Then this skin is enough to take you to the Windows 7. Hence, no need to uninstall it and get back with the previous one. You can feel the charm with this StartlsBack.

#3 Diversityx VS

Are you looking for dark skin on your Windows 10? In that case, you will love to introduce with Diversityx VS, which is one of the Windows 10 custom skin that will allow you to feel an amazing classic look to your Computer or laptop.

It is dark and has a cool glassy transparent interface so it will enhance the outlook of your operating system.

If you are working in the night then you will love to work with this interface again, it is comfortable to use.

#4 Silk

Silk theme is another astounding theme that will shake your Windows 10 appearance. It is one of the classy themes that can give you a vibe once you use it.

Moreover, it will completely change your screen to a futuristic one with colorful and vivid feedback as you can customize its colors.

It let you arrange your windows such a way that you can see it as a handful of cards out on your screen in an excellent effect.

#5 Stardock Start10

One of the amazing skin that allows you to add the start menu of Windows 7-style along with windows enhancements.

It comes with a fully customized screen so that you will love to keep it on your Windows 10. The customization will be according to you so you can explore your own customization and feel the thrill out of it.

#6 FootPaths Theme

Are you the one who loves nature a lot. And, if you are having a skin that suits best for nature, it will be FootPaths Theme.

It has a great number of wallpapers based on nature; this will take you to the country lanes, wooden stairs, forest trails, and another scenario.
More surprising is it contains like eleven HD Wallpapers of nature so you can experience all of it or any of the wallpaper in your Windows 10.

#7 Windows XP theme

The best way to feel nostalgia is to have the Windows XP skin that will surely take you back to the Windows XP timeline. Many desktop users will prefer to switch this version as they can experience their earliest desktop experience.

To use it, you will first require to download the Classic shell so that you can get necessary customization for your Windows 10.

Once you have downloaded and then installed it, you will need to get  Classic Shell XP suite.

#8 Windows 95

Want to go to the first page of Windows OS? That would be Windows 95 skin undoubtedly. This skin will be a great choice for you if you want to experience the nostalgia.

Here in this skin, gradient title bars are included along with the rectangular buttons which define its edges and finishes.

Many people using it as a matter of fun so that they can showcase it and say, “Hey man see what is in my desktop?”

#9 Windows 10 Dark Theme

Now, this impressive skin is the top of the world if you’re the dark lover. Windows 10 Dark skin is possibly one of the best dark skin available on the web. So if you love to have a dark theme on your desktop, don’t look back again.

With different shades of Black color, this theme will perfectly adjust with your Windows 10 Operating System. As you know, what is fun regarding a Dark theme as it helps your eyes so you can keep it for sure.

#10 Simplify 10

The name itself tells you what it would be right? For you Windows 10, it allows a clean and minimal look. Apart from that, it will have aesthetics to showcase a simple but gorgeous outlook. Yes, this simplifies 10 is the hidden treasure with fantastic simplicity.

Moreover, it will help to increase your productivity on the desktop also keep your desktop clean.

Simplify Skin has come with five excellent and futuristic Windows 10 themes. So you can save these themes in AppData and personalize it.


Windows 10 skins are the hot topic you want to read. Here we showcase a number of Skins out of many so that you can get the best possible skins that standout from others. Hopefully, you will love all of it as these are the latest trendy skin this year.


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