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The game, Wizard of Oz Magic Match, is a free Puzzle game with more than 5,000,000 downloads from Play Store. The property and trademark of Wizard of Oz Magic Match are from the developer, Zynga, and its apk file is only for personal or home use. The game is on the Google Play store, and it can be played on Android devices. But, perhaps, it needs to be installed and played Wizard of Oz Magic Match on PC, this is the right place.

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In Wizard of Oz Magic Match, interesting gameplay, you have to match the unique puzzle game with fun & excitement. Also, they have to unlock the new chapters & inventive puzzles. That is based on an adventure from the most popular movie of all time. Discover Munchkinland, the Haunted Forest, and many more places from Kansas to the Emerald City. This game needs plenty of splendid hours.

How to download Wizard of Oz Magic Match for PC

First, to get Wizard of Oz Magic Match for PC, an emulator has to be installed for the computer. There are a lot of them, such as KOPlayer, Nox, but any Android emulator will do. Then, once the installed Android emulator is completed, you need to log in with your Google mail account to enable the Google Play Store. Perhaps, there is an Android mobile; the Google account on it will have all the Android apps installed. But if not, there is a need to sign up for a Gmail account to use the Play store. After setting up the Google Play Store, search for Wizard of Oz Magic Match & press the “install” option, which should do the installation for Wizard of Oz Magic Match for PC.

Attention Please!!

Download & Install Nox OS

To start with, the Nox App player has to be downloaded & installed; this is the beginning of all these.

After downloading, run the program, the program will be installed directly into the hard drive. Choose to opt-in or out for Nox notifications and spotlight.

Run the Program

After completing the installation, the program will display on its home screen. Several choices, such as sync apps, apps search, access settings, etc. will show on the main/home screen.

Decide to either start installing android apps or can sync your android device apps so that they can be run on your PC.

How To Download Wizard of Oz Magic Match to Install on PC

To install Wizard of Oz Magic Match, a Google account will be needed, which will associate Nox with the Google Play Store. Sign in with your existing Gmail account. Create one, If you don’t have one yet. Aside from Google Play, Nox connects with two more app stores – 1 Mobile and Amazon. What is needed is to go to the app search section of the program and enter “Wizard of Oz Magic Match.” You’ll be directed to the store that features it. When there (for example, Google Play Store), navigate the features of that store and get the Wizard of Oz Magic Match app. Free Download Wizard of Oz Magic Match and the installation will be executed automatically by Nox itself.

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